Errwood Hall


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The Sale
Macclesfield Courier
7 June 1930
Errwood Hall.

The onward march of civilisation is forever stealing some of the country's most beautiful possessions. This cannot be more truly said than in respect of Errwood Hall, that magnificent building in the Goyt Valley, the contents of which are to be sold by Mr A.S. Turner, the week after next. Features of the Hall grounds are the wonderful beds of azaleas and rhododendrons, which have been accounted the finest show of their kind in the world.
I sincerely recommend all who can possibly visit the Hall on the two view days, Friday and Saturday next, to spare no effort in doing so. It might be the last opportunity of seeing such a magnificent show of blooms, for in all probability; if the Stockport Water Scheme matures they will be sacrificed.
The sale which will be extended over five days, commences on Monday, June 16th, and there are very good pieces offered for sale. In particular there are some fine old Masters which are expected to raise a high price.

High Peak News
14 June 1930

Some of the appointments of the private Roman Catholic Chapel at Errwood Hall, which is being sold upon June 16th, have gone to Oxford, and some to the Dominion Priory at Pendleton, which has always had a strong connection with Errwood. The chapel is very beautiful, the requisites for the altar being of solid gold and silver.

Macclesfield Courier
21 June 1930

Errwood hall sale
some of the prices

The beautiful surroundings of Errwood Hall, Goyt Valley, near the Cat and Fiddle, attracted large numbers of would-be buyers to the Hall last week for the sale of the household goods and chattels. The sale, which is in the hands of Messrs Turner and Son, has been authorised by the Misses Preston, who are giving up possession of the Hall.
The sale commenced on Monday last, on which day extensive bordering of rhododendrons along the winding three-quarter mile drive from the lodge to the Hall, with the help of the strong sunlight, looked their best. On each day there was a large number of buyers from the length and breadth of England, but despite this, however, the bidding was rather slow and, on the whole, poor prices were realised. The highest prices during the sale of the pictures on Tuesday was £400 for an old Spanish painting, purchased by Mr J.U. Gaskell of Ingersley Hall, Bollington. The nearest price to this was £150.
First day's sale

Magnificent Venetian glass frame, £4 2s. 6d.;
Unique set original Spanish cut glass on bronze bases comprising "The Crucifixion", with 2 candle holders on cut glass pillars, £40 ;
handsome small suite of crystal glass, £7 ;
most magnificent suite of Venetian glass, £23 ;
set of 4 old Chelsea figures "Children with Flowers," £3 15s.;
Dresden ornament, "The Musicians," £3 ;
group of 3 Dresden figures, "Man, Woman, Child and Dove," £2 5s.;
Dresden group, "The Sedan Chair," £4 ;
pair Dresden figures, £5 ;
pair Dresden figures, "The Dancers" £15 ;
group of old Dresden, "Neptune and his Sea Horses," £6 ;
oval Dresden mirror frame, £3 10s.;
set 3 old oriental mugs, £6 ;
pencilled Worcester tea service, £10 ;
pair Italian bottle vases, £6 5s.;
pair Worcester vases, £8 ;
pair powder blue Worcester pot pourri vases, £5 ;
very rare bronze lustre bowl, £4 ;
unique specimen of a Savona Plate, £4 ;
old English blue and white tea service, £6 10s. ;
Worcester china tea service, £14 10s.;
Crown Derby tea service, £10 ;
Chelsea blue and white tea and coffee service, £12 ;
Crown Derby dessert service, £14 5s.;
Part Crown Derby dinner service, £12 5s.;
green and white Doulton dinner service, £9 ;
oblong mustard pot, George IV, £4 10s.;
double-handled sugar basin on claw feet, with cream jug and sugar bowl to match, £6 15s.;
pair double-handled sauce boats, £4 ;
pair tall candlesticks, with fluted stems on round bases, £5.

Second day's sale
oil paintings and other pictures

"The Madonna" by Cigoli, £5 ;
"Saint Anne and the Infant Christ" by V. Schedone, £8 10s. ;
"Mary Magdalene" by Guido Reni, £6 ;
Antique Sampler, "Horse" 10s ;
"Justice and Mercy" by P. Bartoni, £11 ;
"Joseph and the Holy Child", £5 ;
"The Crucifixion", £2 ;
"Farm Buildings, Figures, and Pigstye Interior" by G. Morland, £25 ;
"The Grand Canal, Venice" by Canaletto, £12 ;
"Scene in Venice" by Canaletto, £5 ;
"Moonlight Scene with River, Cattle and Boat" by Aart Vander Neer, £7 ;
"St. Anthony and Infant Christ" by Carlo Dolci, £6 ;
"The Nativity", £6 ;
"The Adoration of the Magi" by Pietro Da Cortona, Barritini, £6 10s. ;
"Landscape with Cattle, Sheep Dog and Shepherd" by Rosa da Tivoli, £3 10s. ;
"Full Length Portrait of a Cavalier" by Caravaggio, £150 to Mr Ball, of Stalybridge ;
"Pope Gregory" £100, to Mrs Scott ;
"A Lady with Ruff", £400, to Mr Gaskell, of Ingersley Hall ; (this picture was brought by an ancestor of the late Mrs Gosselyn, from Spain. It was cut from its frame, wrapped up, and smuggled into England, where it was re-framed) ;
"Castle and Harbour Scene" by Vander Velde, £18 ;
"Portrait of a Gentleman in Wig" £4 10s. ;
"Return of the Huntsman" by "Il Basano" (Jacopo da Ponte), £8 ; "The Holy Family", £4 10s. ;
"Saint with Infant Christ" by Contierra, £2 10s. ;
"Figures and Sheep", £14 ;
"Dutch Scene with Church and Numerous Figures" by Van Ostade, £37 to Mr Percy Wright ;
"Portrait" by Charles Hallé, R.A., £6 ;
"The Crucifixion", £4 ;
"Lady at the Spinet", £23 ;
"Picture of a Farm" by Teniers, £9 ;
"The Virgin and Child" by Albert Durer, £16.
Sheraton mahogany card table, £5 5s.;
mahogany pedestal writing desk, £7 ;
rare old oak settle, £11 ;
antique burr walnut miniature spice chest, £5 10s.;
antique oak hall chair, £5 ;
old oak hall chair on turned supports, £2 2s. 6d.;
pair dark oak heavily carved hall chairs, £9 ;
very fine old oak armchair, £5 ;
antique plain old oak armchair, £10 ;
genuine old oak armchair, £5 ;
fine old black lacquer table, £10 10s.;
antique enclosed cabinet, £15 10s.;
fine old oak rug chest, £15 ;
old oak hall table, £8 5s.;
chippendale mahogany single chair, £3 ;
set 4 antique mahogany single chairs, £7 ;
antique mahogany circular table, £7 ;
antique walnut hall seat, £5 ;
very rare and genuine antique Buhl table, £15 ;
original Buhl inkstand, £3 2s. 6d.;
genuine William and Mary card table, £10 ;
massive brass semi-circular trivet, £5 5s.;
Heppelwhite armchair, £18 ;
very fine old mahogany extending dining table, £19 10s.;
Georgian design mahogany sideboard, £13 ;
very rare Chippendale mahogany sideboard, £70 to Colonel Preston, of Southampton ;
fine old walnut kneehole writing desk, £40 to Mr Welsh.
Brass and ormolu time piece, £15 ;
pair of ormolu rose leaf stands, £15 ;
Louis XV brass ormolu timepiece, £20 ;
Oil painting, "Queen of Cyprus" by Il Moretto, £11 10s.;
Oil painting, "The Pope" £24 ;
antique needlework panel, "St Francis of Assisi" £21 ;
upright grand pianoforte, £30, to Mr Ashworth of Timperley ;
antique 8-days grandfather clock, £14 ;
old 8-days grandfather clock, £15 10s.;
Wilton pile stair carpet, £8 5s.;
carved figure, "The Blessed Virgin" £83 to Mr Needham, of Stockport ;
heavily carved gilt console table, £12 ;
circular Italian marble mosiac table, £8 10s.;
large girandole in heavy gilt frame with eaglemount, £8.

Third day's sale

Carved oak armchair with cane back and seat, £4;
6 antique mahogany dining chairs, 12s. each ;
Pier glass in gilt frame, with 3 mirror panels, £4 15s.;
Axminster carpet square, 4 yards by 3½ yards, £4 6s.;
Neat inlaid Sheraton mahogany swing mirror with 3 drawers, £3 ;
Mahogany bow fronted 4-tier Chest of Drawers, £9 2s. 6d.;
Handsome Spanish mahogany trio wardrobe with 6 moveable shelves, 6 drawers and hanging cupboard, £8 ;
Four-tier Sheraton mahogany chest of drawers, £5 2s. 6d.;
Oak bow-fronted corner cupboard with carved front, £2 5s.;
Three-tier mahogany chest of drawers, £3 ;
Small oak Queen Ann writing table with three drawers, £4 2s. 6d.;
Capital Spanish mahogany trio wardrobe, £10 ;
Small Sheraton mahogany wine bin, £9 ;
Burr walnut military chest, £11 ;
Oak Jacobean 4-tier chest of drawers, £4 15s.;
Capital walnut bedroom suite, £20 ;
12 h.p. Bean 4-seater touring car (1925), £32 10s.;
Ford light lurry (1 ton), £5 10s.