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12 November 1921
Another Bridge

Whaley Bridge has many bridges, and the place does not belie its name. Another has been added just recently. It gives access from the premises of the Bowling Club to the War Memorial Park, and thence on to the football field. Originally there was but a plank here. But now there is a substantial bridge. This particular bridge is the property of the Bowling Club, and is for the use of members only.
3 June 1922
A Road To The Park

For a considerable time people have been gaining access to the park by a bridge from the Bowling and Tennis Club's premises. This is much more convenient for residents of Buxton road than going by Reservoir Road or Macclesfield Road entrances. On Sunday there was a concert in the park and people going by the Bowling Club entrance were surprised to find the gate locked and the bridge closed. Naturally this gave rise to much comment.

The fact is that the bridge in question was erected originally by the Football Club, whose headquarters and dressing rooms are at the Bowling Club, for the convenience of access to the football field through the park. The bridge was found very convenient for members of the Bowling Club, who reside at the Macclesfield Road side of the village, so the bridge was purchased by the Bowling Club, who pay an annual acknowledgement to the Park Committee for the privilege.

There was a desire to make the bridge a public entrance to the park. The Bowling Club was willing to allow the privilege provided the Co-operative Society would give access to the bridge from their land. The Co-operative Society declined to do so for reasons which have already been stated, but they offered an alternative road at the other end of their property at a nominal rent of 5s, a year. A bridge has not yet been erected and there the matter stands for the present. The Bowling Club is not open on Sundays and the attitude of the Bowling Committee is that they cannot permit a public highway to run through their premises.

Many people call the Bowling Club a public club. It is no more a public club than the Co-operative Society is a public society. The privileges of either institution are dependent upon membership thereof, and the committee of each have a perfect right to do what they think fit with their property. The views of the committee and the views of the community may not coincide, but that does not alter the fact. People have made a practice of using the Bowling Club entrance to the park without need, and when either of the other entrances would be more convenient. The way to prevent friction is for the Park Committee to erect the bridge they now have the permission to build from the Co-operative Society's land.
28 June 1924
The Memorial Park

Several important matters were discussed at the meeting of the War Memorial Park Committee on Monday evening:
It was reported that Taxal Parish Council had been invested with the powers of the Open Spaces Act and had confirmed the bye laws for the control of the park. The park cannot be closed at any time because a public footpath runs through it. There is a great demand for a bridge to be erected over the river so as to give access to the park from Buxton road. The Co-operative Society has prevented people going over their premises because of the damage done to property and access has now to be gained from Reservoir road or Macclesfield road.

The committee cannot raise the necessary funds because the spending powers of Parish Councils are limited and they can do little beyond maintain the park. A swimming gala was held last summer at which a considerable sum of money was raised. The members felt that another aquatic gala would be as great a success and it was decided to ask the same committee to organise another gala to raise funds to provide a bridge. It is hoped the public will give every support to the object, which, when accomplished, will be a great public convenience.

The committee decided to accept three guns captured by the Sherwood Foresters from the Germans during the Great War and place them in a suitable position in the park.

2 August 1924

The Park And The Guns

A long discussion ensued on the placing in the park of guns captured by the Sherwood Foresters from the Germans.
This has been the subject of public controversy, and letters have appeared in the "Reporter" on the subject. The members of the committee are divided on the subject, but it was stated there was no desire whatever to hurt anyone's feelings.
Under the circumstances, it was decided in deference to public opinion, not to carry out, at present, the resolution passed at the last meeting to place the guns in the park.
To raise funds for the erection of a bridge that will give access to the park from Buxton road, a swimming gala is to be held in the Mevril Bleachworks reservoir on August 23

Memorial Park

A meeting of the War Memorial Park Joint Committee was held on Monday evening at the Mechanics' Institute.
The question of erecting a bridge over the river to gain access to the park from Buxton road was discussed. It was decided to obtain specifications for a bridge similar to the one which spans the river near Taxal Church. That has lattice work upon it, and is considered safer for children. Anyone discovered doing damage or using the Park contrary to the regulations can be punished as the bye-laws direct.

29 November 1924

The New Bridge

Whaley Bridge has many bridges, and it is to have another which will give access to the War Memorial Park from Buxton road. Tenders for the erection of the bridge were discussed by the Park Committee on Monday's meeting, and it was decided to hold a special meeting in a fortnight for further consideration.

10 January 1925
Another Bridge

At their last meeting the Park Committee, considered the recommendations of the sub-committee which had discussed tenders for the erection of a bridge over the River Goyt to give access to the war memorial park from Buxton road.
The recommendations were approved.
Mr S. Drinkwater's tender for £9 10s. 0d. for the erection of a stone pier was accepted.
For erecting a steel girder bridge of the lattice type, with gates, terminal pillars, and iron fencing, the tender of Messrs David Rowell and Co., London, was accepted, the inclusive price being £130 5s. 0d. the same firm erected a bridge at Taxal for Chapel District Council. It is expected the bridge will be erected within the next three weeks.
The Bridge at Taxal
The Bridge at Taxal by David Rowell and Co:
17 January 1925
The New Bridge

No time is being lost by the Park Committee in getting the new bridge built to give access to the park from Buxton road. The foundations are being laid this week.

28 February 1925
Park Committee

A meeting of the Park Committee was held on Monday evening at the Mechanics' Institute. The Bowling Club applied for a renewal of their "right of way", by a footbridge from their premises to the park. The latter was laid on the table.

4 April 1925
Park Committee

A meeting of the Park Committee was held on Monday evening at the Mechanics' Institute. The question of the Bowling Club's bridge from their premises into the park was again discussed.
It was stated that when permission was given to erect the bridge, it was to be of a temporary character and to be taken down when the Park Committee had erected a bridge to give access to the park from Buxton road.
The committee decided to adhere to this resolution.
Progress with the erection of the new bridge was reported. It was decided the official opening of the bridge should be on May 9th, the anniversary of the opening of the park.

25 April 1925

The work of erecting the new bridge over the River Goyt in Buxton Road in order to afford easier access to the Memorial Park, has been in progress during the past month or so, and is now very nearly completed. It is proposed to put a gate at the park end of the bridge, and the work will then be finished.
The bridge will be formally opened early in May.

9 May 1925

The opening of the new bridge giving access to the War Memorial Park from Buxton Road takes place today (Saturday), the opening ceremony being performed by Colonel Ramsden-Jodrell C.M.G. A procession of the Park Committee and the local authorities will start from the Mechanics' Institute, and at the gate of the bridge. Colonel Ramsden-Jodrell will be presented with a key, which has been subscribed for by members of the committee.
During the afternoon the Whaley Bridge Band will give concerts in the Park, and collections will be made at the entrance.
16 May 1925
War Memorial Park
Opening Of New Bridge

The ceremony of opening the bridge took place on Saturday afternoon, the event being unfortunately marred by the inclement weather.

It had been arranged that a tea should be provided in the Holy Trinity Church Hall, close to the new entrance, and that a concert should be given in the Park during the evening, but at the last moment these arrangements had to be cancelled.

The opening ceremony was performed by Colonel Ramsden-Jodrell C.M.G. A procession was formed at the Mechanics' Institute, headed by Colonel Ramsden-Jodrell and Mr T. Stafford, chairman of the Memorial Park Committee, who were followed by members of the Whaley Bride Urban District Council, the Fernilee Parish Council, the Taxal Parish Council and the Chapel-en-le-Frith Parish Council, the Whaley Bridge Public Band bringing up the rear.

The procession proceeded along Market Street and Buxton Road to the bridge, the pavements on both sides of the road being crowded with villagers.

Presenting a gold pen-knife to Col. Ramsden-Jodrell, with which to cut the ribbon, Mr Stafford said he was very pleased that they had secured this access to the Park from Buxton Road. The approach and the bridge had cost about £225, and they were greatly indebted to Colonel Ramsden-Jodrell who, at his own expense, had built the stone face wall and saved the committee from £15 to £20.

30 May 1925
Park Committee

A meeting of the Joint Park Committee was held at the Mechanics' Institute on Monday evening. Accounts were passed for payment amounting to £7. Whaley Co-operative Society applied for the use of the park for the annual children's gala and this was granted on the usual terms.

Now that the new bridge is available, it was decided to ask the Bowling Club to remove the temporary bridge on their premises in accordance with the terms agreed upon when the bridge was erected.

To raise funds for the bridge it was decided to organise another swimming gala in July in Mevril Bleachworks reservoir if this can be loaned.
5 September 1925
That Other Bridge

Whaley Bowling Club still persists in their efforts to persuade the Park Committee to allow them to continue the bridge from the bowling green to the park.
The matter was again discussed by the Park Committee on Monday evening and adjourned for a month.

3 October 1925
Park Committee

The questions of the bridge from the Bowling Club's premises into the Park was adjourned a month for further consideration.

5 December 1925
Park Committee

As regarded the bridge from the Bowling Club's premises into the Park, it was decided to give the club notice to remove it by December 31st.
If the club does not remove the bridge, the committee will take steps to do so.

9 January 1926
A Bridge Question

Whaley has so many bridges that one would think one here or there wouldn't matter much. But a nice situation has arisen about the footbridge which gives access to the park from the bowling club. The club had the bridge there long before the Park Committee built the new bridge from Buxton road into the Park, and are anxious to retain it.

The Park Committee declined to give consent, and after months of discussion, informed the Bowling Club that unless the bridge was removed by the end of 1925, the Park Committee would remove it. The club have not removed it. Neither have the Park Committee. Despite the recent floods the bridge was not washed away, which would have solved the problem for both parties. The question is a very nice one to be watched with much interest.

30 January 1926
Park Committee

The question of the bridge from the Bowling Club's premises into the park was again discussed. It was decided to ask the Bowling Club secretary (Mr J.H. Jodrell) to meet a sub-committee at the Mechanic's Institute with a view to an amicable settlement being reached.
3 April 1926
One Bridge Less

It will be recalled that before the new bridge was erected to access to the war memorial park from Buxton road, a bridge was built that made it possible for people to get into the park from the Bowling Club's premises. When the new bridge was completed the Park Committee gave the Bowling Club notice to remove the bridge, but it was never carried out.

A month ago the Park Committee appointed a sub-committee to meet Mr J.H. Jodrell, secretary of the Bowling Club, on the matter. The sub-committee reported to the Park Committee on Monday evening that they did not consider the reasons advanced by Mr Jodrell justified them in keeping up the bridge.

The Clerk was asked to take steps to have that portion of the bridge which stood in the park removed. This was done early on Tuesday morning and the destroyed bridge created no little amusement in the village. What the Bowling Club will do with the portion of the bridge standing on their land remains to be seen. It is not much use without the other half. The destruction of the bridge ends for the time being at any rate, a long controversy.
The Park Committee
The Park Committee
Five years later .......
The New Bridge
8 August 1931
Bridge Re-opened

The Parks Committee carried out some temporary repairs to the bridge giving access to the Park from Buxton road, which had been closed since the flood, nearly a year ago. This enabled the committee to reopen the bridge, much to the satisfaction of the people residing on Buxton road. For almost a year they have had to go round by Reservoir road or Macclesfield road to enter the Park, a long walk either way.

29 August 1931
Bridge Being Repaired

It was reported to the Park Committee at the meeting on Tuesday evening that the bridge giving access to the Park from Buxton road, which was damaged by the flood last August, and closed until a few weeks ago, was again closed. The repairs, however, were now being carried out, and soon, it was hoped, the bridge would be permanently opened again.

A Bridge Too Far

26 September 1931
Bridge Open Again

The bridge which gives access to the park from Buxton road was damaged by the great flood more than a year ago. The damage has now been repaired and the bridge is again open to the public. This has given much satisfaction since the bridge avoids going round by Macclesfield road or Reservoir road.