Help for people with ME/CFS in and around Stockport


At present due to the Covid-19 pandemic all socials are taking place online via Zoom. Details of socials are shown in our Facebook group and occasionally on the front page of our website.

The Social Group meet every month, often enjoying a game of pool, or relaxing in a pub. Sometimes we have lunch in a nice café.  Other popular socials have been an Indian meal, meeting at an American diner, and of course our Christmas dinner.

Members have always told me how upbeat the atmosphere is. We always have a good chat and a laugh, rather than all the chat being about symptoms and appointments. Nonetheless if people wish to have such conversations then this is also fine.

Often people with ME/CFS are keen to have a social life, but have found that walking between different bars, or turning things into a late night becomes too much to manage, with the limitations of a typically invisible illness. It has been a pleasure to run the Social Group for so long, and arrange fun but low key socials, that are much more ME/CFS friendly.

Thank you to everybody who makes the Social Group a success. Just by being there you make these socials possible. Many thanks again to Andrew who sends email and text reminders on the run up to these socials. Nonetheless I still send out a newsletter which lists the forthcoming socials, and these details are also listed on the website home page.

If you are a new member of the support group and would like to get involved, you are very welcome. The only rule is that you are a current member of the Stockport ME Group. While this is a social group, we are of course part of the main Stockport ME Group. Therefore do get in touch and join us, as I’m sure you’ll find common ground with others!