Help for people with ME/CFS in and around Stockport

We have mobility aids both to loan or purchase.

Available to loan

The Stockport ME Group now has a lightweight attendant-push wheelchair

for our members to hire on a month-by-month basis. £20 returnable deposit required.

The wheelchair also has a new gel pressure relieving cushion and there are tools

provided in case you need to make adjustments.

Perhaps you’ve been struggling to get out and about recently.

Using a wheelchair may enable you to go out, without suffering too

much pain and post exertional malaise.

If you need more information or would like to hire our wheelchair, please contact me Fiona

Also there is this wheel chair with larger back wheels, a slightly larger chair than the one above. Same terms and conditions as the chair above. This will be available soon.

Other information regarding mobility aids and items to assist everyday Activities of Daily Living (ADL), click here