Help for people with ME/CFS in and around Stockport

ME/CFS tips.

Cold Hands & Feet?
Try thermal socks and gloves, and a woolly hat.

Muscle and/or Joint Pains?
Have a warm bath or shower - with somebody to help. Use a microwave hottie. Try deep relaxation; gentle massage. For neck and shoulders, dry heat, hair dryer, warm wheat bag; high back chair/recliner with shaped neck cushion.

Keep losing your balance?

Try a walking stick. Hold on to the furniture.

Can't stand to do the chores?
Sit down. Use a stool. Only iron essentials. Bulk cook and freeze. Invest in a microwave or dishwasher. Try small rechargeable vacuum cleaner. Get someone else to do it.

Severe Headaches?
Drink more fluids. Consider sensitivity to cigarettes and alcohol, tea, coffee or cola, and even chocolate.

Weak Arm and Leg Muscles?

Use mechanical aids e.g. electric tin opener, hands free telephone. Consider changing to a car with automatic gear box/power steering, or use a neighbour as a chauffeur.

Sudden mood changes?
Eat little and often (2 hourly) - could be low blood sugar.

Dizzy at the toilet?
For men - always sit down.

Breathing Problems?
Could be an allergy - house dust mite, pet's flea powder, certain foods, perfume, paint and even washing powder.

Sensitive to light?
Wear dark glasses or floppy hat; fit low wattage light bulbs.

Sensitive to noise?
Tell the kids to turn it down, or use earplugs. Change to quiet phone tone. Avoid crowds if you can.

Problems with the gut?
Get help now. Experiment with your diet looking for new sensitivities, especially wheat, dairy products, yeast or sugar.

Sleep problems?
Sleep during the day and enjoy the peace and quiet at night. Try a warm milky drink or camomile tea; unwind in a warm bath.

Memory got lost?
Don’t be afraid to admit it. Use a big wall calendar or pin board with "post-it" stickers. Make lots of lists and carry them around. Use your partner’s / family’s memory.

Good sign you are getting better. Get a new low energy hobby, e.g. painting, music, sewing, photography, pot plants. Surf the Net. Look up old friends. Look forwards, not backwards. Give yourself a weekly treat.

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