Help for people with ME/CFS in and around Stockport

Stockport ME Group Information Line

0345 519 4116

Or email

This is a 24 hour voicemail service. A volunteer will respond to messages left within the next 2 working days. Please be aware that this is a voicemail service only, and that while volunteers regularly check for messages, no volunteer is able to answer a telephone call there and then. Please do leave a message and include your phone number.

The Stockport ME Group have recently changed the phone number. This should be included in your phone provider's contracted minutes and will not be an expensive phone call.

This is an information line number only. Volunteers responsible for dealing with queries will not be permitted to give advice. For Stockport ME Group members, if you have a specific query, numbers on page 2 of HERMES still apply.

Alternatively please email us at with inquiries about membership, meetings and other requests for information. If you prefer a phone call please include within your email your phone number and the best time to reach you.

We are currently exploring the option of changing our phone number to an 0345 number which would be included within your monthly landline or mobile minutes.

Views in and around Stockport

Thanks to Stockport MBC for the images.

The Solidarity Drop-In

(benefits support).

The Solidarity Drop-in which was formerly located in the now closed Sir Joseph Whitworth Centre is now taking place in Disability Stockport's Centre for Independent Living, at 23 High Street, Stockport, SK1 1EG. It is on Mondays from 10 am to 4 pm.

They offer support with completion of applications for Personal Independence Payment and Employment and Support Allowance and information on social security sanctions. They can also help with referrals to the appropriate service in cases where advice, or representation in appeals is required.

High Street is on the route of the free Stockport Metroshuttle bus, service 300.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering to work with Solidarity Drop-in, is very welcome to drop in and chat to their team. They have two roles - reception, and support with forms and referrals. Training by an experienced professional in the field, is available for the latter role.

Stockport CFS/ME Service

Information regarding Stockport CSF/ME service can be found here

Stockport ME group is on Facebook!

If you are on Facebook come and join the conversation.

Find us on:

or just search for Stockport ME Group.

You will be able to ask questions and chat with other members of the group.

Hope to see you there!

We have registered Stockport M.E. Group with Amazon Smile and this means if people use Amazon Smile instead of normal Amazon and select us as their charity of choice we get a little money for free whenever you buy stuff on Amazon.

It is pretty easy to register. If you have never used Amazon Smile then you will probably do most of it by clicking this link and then maybe ticking YES and then just remembering to use Amazon Smile rather than Amazon or download the Amazon Smile app and use that instead of the more or less identical Amazon one.

The more people who do this the better whether they are SMEG members, friends, family etc. Everything we raise does get re-invested in working with people with ME/CFS and their families in Stockport and the surrounding areas.

If you are already with Smile it is really easy to change your charity to Stockport ME Group. The slightly tricky thing is we wont come up in a search for "Stockport ME Group" either remove the ME or add "M.E." with the full stops and your sorted. Again you can click on the above link to do this.

Group Specialist ME/CFS sessions online via Zoom with a specialist ME/CFS Nurse

We are aiming to run, subject to demand, 6-8 group sessions for up to 10 people with Amanda Cannon who is a ME/CFS nurse with many years of experience providing specialist services to ME/CFS patients. These sessions will take place on an online platform such as Zoom. The sessions are targeted at people who will not need 1-2-1 support and who have not received specialist support for ME/CFS in areas like pacing and rest. Participants might be fairly recently diagnosed or just not have been able to access support however long they have had the condition.

We have long been concerned that about half of Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas do not have access to any specialist services. Even where services do exist there are issues such as year plus waiting lists or the services are not accessible to people who have real difficulty getting out of their house. These sessions are being funded by Stockport ME Group and will be primarily targeted at people who have been diagnosed with ME/CFS but have been given no specialist treatment.

If you or anyone you know might be interested, then please get in touch with Ben Wickens ideally by email at

Due to timings, this is likely to start before the next HERMES newsletter comes out so it will be hard to inform our whole membership. If you do know anyone who this might be suitable for who is not on Facebook, our email list or who does not regularly check our website then please reach out to them. We have not sorted out an exact start date or time for the sessions as this will depend in part on the availability of those interested in attending but, we are looking for it to start sometime between July and September.

Forthcoming Meetings

Friday 13th August

August “Garden Party”

Normally we have met in Shirley's house or garden for coffee and cakes but, because we feel not everyone would want to meet face to face at the moment, as was the case last year, this will take place online instead.  Everyone is welcome.   It will be a good chance to catch up with old friends, make new ones and share your experiences.

  To give it a garden/summer feel, we are asking people to send in pictures of gardens and/ or cute or funny animal pictures with a summer slant. Ben has offered to put the pictures together into a slide show so please send them to him at If you don’t have a garden or animal to hand, or at least not one you want to share a picture of you could share any garden/animal picture you can find.   Although it would be easier if you could send the pictures in advance, don’t worry if you don’t get chance, you can still share your pictures on the day.  In keeping with the garden theme, Dianne will also be doing a short quiz based on well known gardens in the area. And finally, if you wish, please do consider having a nice cake to eat.

 Hopefully, even if we are meeting online we can still strive for a bit of a garden party atmosphere….. and on the plus side we won’t even have to keep checking the weather forecast!

You will be able to login after about 10.30am if you would like to join us for a chat before the actual meeting starts at 11am

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 777 116 5459
Passcode: smeg