Harold Roome

Fishmonger at Horwich End and Whaley Bridge


Comment 1

Mr. Roome wouldn't accept the change of currency when we went decimal. He kept working in 'old money'. About 9 months after we changed over I went to his shop for a couple of kippers..... He wrapped them up and said 'One and tenpence halfpenny'. I was stunned and tried to work out what this had now become....I gave him a 10p coin (that should cover it as it was two shillings)... he then gave me a old penny and an old halfpenny. They were of no use by then so i binned them. he closed soon after that.
The kippers were good though.

Comment 2

I don't think that this Harold Roome. Mr Roomes fishshop was in Whaley not Horwich End, next door to where Klas dress shop is now

Comment 3

Good evening Jack Tarr,

Strange comment as you obviously didn't read the photo title which was: 'Fishmonger at Horwich End and Whaley Bridge'.

The clue in the title is Whaley Bridge.

R. S-S

Comment 4

Hello R,S-S,If I remember George Bentley was the fishmonger in Horwich End in a shop near the New Inn, and Harold Roome was the fishmonger down whaley