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Goyt Mill Workers

Text that came with this photograph :-
Goyt Mill boys on a day trip to Windermere

Thanks to Brenda Whelan for the photograph

Photograph added 3rd February 2014


Comment 1

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 10th March 2014

Harry Swindles sat in the centre of photo

Comment 2

Left by Gnatalee on the 20th April 2014

Harry was my Dad's cousin.

Comment 3

Left by Keith Hadfield on the 16th November 2014

2nd in on rhs Dennis Hadfield

Comment 4

Left by R. S-S on the 30th November 2014

Dennis Hadfield and his wife Marjorie (I think) were good friends of my mum and dad. They lived in the row of cottages next to the Shed (Johnson Street?).
They moved up to the Shallcross Estate into the last house on the way to Shallcross Manor; although I think the Manor may have been demolished just before then. They moved in after the Bailey family left.

Dennis had an aviary there in which he kept budgerigars.

They had 2 beautiful daughters; the youngest married David Lockett of the painting family. I do not remember what happened to the eldest girl and I can't just recall their names just now.

Are you a younger son Keith?

Comment 5

Left by Mike Goddard on the 30th April 2015

The second from the back on the right hand side looks like my Dad Joe Goddard. He was agood friend of ? Whelan. What year was this?

Comment 6

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 11th July 2015

Yes he was a good friend of Peter along with Frank Jodrell but sorry can't remember the year

Comment 7

Left by Gena Slater on the 31st March 2016

Harry Swindells was my mum's cousin so who are you Gnatalee?

Comment 8

Left by Gnatalee on the 1st April 2016

Hi Gena - My grandmother was Lucy Jane Jones (nee Bradley), Lucy was one of the sisters of Lily Swindells (nee Bradley) who was Harry Swindells' mother. Bradleys were rather a large family !

Comment 9

Left by Gena Slater on the 4th April 2016

For Gnatalee - my grandma was Dinah Depledge and she was Lucy and Lily's sister. She died in 1940 so I didn't know my grandma but I remember auntie Lucy very well.

Comment 10

Left by R. S-S on the 12th April 2016

Well Gnats,

Are you then related to Elaine Depledge who lived on Canal Street and later married David Sheratt from Combs?

R. S-S

Comment 11

Left by Gnatalee on the 16th April 2016

I honestly don't know R.S-S !!


Comment 12

Left by R. S-S on the 16th April 2016

Then I shall ask Elaine when I next see her. She lives just down the road from me.

R. S-S

Comment 13

Left by Gillian on the 26th November 2021

Young man at the front with the bow tie is my Dad, Gordon Allen

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