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Horwich End

Photograph added 19th May 2013


Comment 1

Left by RebeccaClitheroe on the 19th May 2020

Would you be able to tell me which building this is please? I'm looking for historical photos of what is now 'May's Parlour', which, due to the curve of the building, looks like this could be it but I think it's too early? Do you have any images of when it was the Nat West or District Bank?

Comment 2

Left by G. Jackson. on the 20th May 2020

Hi Rebecca, you are correct in saying it is a photo of the old bank which is now May's Parlour.
There should be more information on the fountain on the forum as it was very well discussed a few years ago.
G. J.

Comment 3

Left by Brenda Poulson on the 13th June 2020

This is the opposite side to Mays Parlor. It was the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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