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Start Lane

Renamed from Elnor Lane to Start Lane as per the comment from LS. Cheers LS.

Photograph added 6th April 2013


Comment 1

Left by LS on the 11th October 2013

I think this is Pennant End on Start lane. Whaley bridge.

Comment 2

Left by R. S-S on the 1st November 2013

The other day whilst driving back from Macc I turned down Kishfield Lane towards Start Lane.
The road changes from Kishfield Lane to Start Lane after Kishfield Bridge. As you climb the hill you come across the house in the photo but I could not see any house name displayed although I think it must be as LS says Pennant End as about another 100yards up the cobbled road is the old Pennant End Sand Quarry.
The house is now sand blasted and back to natural stone. Pennant End Sand Quarry closed years ago and now is filled in and Highland cattle live there.

Comment 3

Left by Pam on the 2nd November 2013

"Pennant End" is the bigger house after going past the old quarry round a corner towards Whaley.

Comment 4

Left by John A on the 4th November 2013

I think the house Pam refers to is the one opposite the gate leading to Fall Hey Farm and Fox Hill. As far as I remember, that house is called "Pennant", and the one shown in the photo is "Pennant End".

RSS was brave to drive past there unless he has a Land Rover. I can remember years ago my uncle got stuck in his Ford Popular going up the hill shown in the picture.

Comment 5

Left by R. S-S on the 7th November 2013

I shall re-check again this weekend.

Comment 6

Left by Pam on the 8th November 2013

I stand corrected the cottage is Pennant End!

Comment 7

Left by Dave Hyslop on the 19th August 2019

Been talking to my Father (he is 91) about Whaley Bridge. his fathers sister (Margaret 'Meg' Duff) was married to James Duff. James was a Cotton merchant in Manchester and the company trademark was a pennant, hence the name Pennant end.

Comment 8

Left by Dorothea Johnson on the 21st July 2021

Who used to own the sand quarry on Start Lane, Whaley Bridge

Comment 9

Left by Derek Boothby on the 26th July 2021

The owner of the sand pit at Pennant End was Fred Barnes and the lorries were labelled 'Edwin Barnes and son'.
They were kept at Bridgemont by the junction of the Buxworth Road and the A6, and I think Fred lived in one of the houses facing the railway on the Furness Vale side of the bridge. My brother Wilf worked for him for a few years in the 1950s
I lived in Jodrell Road and remember the lorries loaded with sand crawling down Whaley Lane in low gear. When Fred retired the pit was sold to a company in the Manchester area but I don't remember when this was.
I sometimes cycled via Hockerley Lane, Whaley Lane and Pennant End to Kettleshulme and back down Macc. Road. Quite an exciting adventure. Also during summer vacations I worked as a postman and the round I did included the far end of Start Lane to Pennant End, and across via Baileys Farm to Lyme Handley. I then called in at Kettleshulme Post Office to collect the bike which had been left earlier and pedalled back to Whaley.
This afternoon I had a look on-line at the 1939 register. This gives the occupant of 'Pennant' as John McGuffin, Director of shirt manufacturer, and of 'Pennant End' as Jame Duff, Merchant, cotton goods.

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