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Forge Road Garage

Photograph added 21st May 2014


Comment 1

Left by R. S-S on the 22nd May 2014

On the back of this photo it says Rowbotham's Garage. Now I know that Walker and Howell was originally known as Rowbotham's so this morning I went down there to carry out some investigation work.

Rowbotham's forge started out in the White Horse car park before moving down to Forge Road. The road is known as Forge Road because the forge was set up down there; you can still see the stone foundations today.
Anyway I took the photo down and myself and Dave, the current owner of Walker and Howell tried to see if we could see this same view today.
We were troubled by the house in the background with the two distinctive chimneys and as hard as we tried we could not reproduce the view.
We were stuffed until the driver, Geoff, had a look at the photo and he could place it immediately.
It is not of Walker and Howell's or even the building just before you get there. It is in fact the construction of Forge Road garage and you can still see through the windows at the back the two stone chimneys.
So even though Geoff solved the problem both myself and Dave enjoyed a celebration pat on the back.

Now then, Buggyite; what make and how old are the two lorries in the picture?

Comment 2

Left by Roland Melland on the 3rd June 2014

Lorry on left is a Fordson and on right a WD Bedford

Comment 3

Left by Jim Wilson on the 11th June 2014

Think this was the garage Wilf Lowe kept his coaches in.

Comment 4

Left by Graham Hough on the 12th June 2014

I think that Jim is right. I have tried to read the name on the lorry and the best I can come up with is C.Lowe, Whaley Bridge. I recall that Wilf Lowe traded under the name "C.Lowe" the "C" being the initial of his father. I knew Wilf and Nora, his wife, quite well because they lived at No.6, Orchard Avenue before moving to the flat at the garage in Forge Road. I was very friendly with their son,Peter Lowe,and spent holidays with them in Blackpoll and Torquay. I only recently turned up old photos of those two holidays!!

Comment 5

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 12th June 2014

Remember Wilf Lowe he had a son called Peter

Comment 6

Left by Graham Hough on the 13th June 2014

Brenda, Peter Lowe is 3rd from the right on the back row and I think that you maybe 2nd from the left on the front row in photograph 839--Whaley Bridge school 1955. Am I correct?

Comment 7

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 13th June 2014

Graham I am in photo No 839 taken in 1949. Peter Lowe is on that one. I left school in 1953.

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