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Mr Hurst's Retirement

This photograph was published in the Advertiser and High Peak News on Friday 10th March 1972 and the text that accompanied it was:

I'VE WORKED for 40-odd years with Elliot; what he's done has been a hard job but he's done it with the mill at heart and he's done it properly, said Mr. Eric Hadfield on the occasion of Mr. Elliot Hurst's retirement from Goyt Mill, Whaley Bridge, last Thursday.

Mr. Hurst (65), of 3 Orchard Road, Whaley Bridge, has worked for the past 20 years as works manager. He has been with the firm 48 years, starting as a weaver.

Married with three children one in Geneva whom he hopes to visit soon. Mr. Hurst is interested in watch making and bowling, two hobbies he hopes to pursue.

Mr. Hadfield, foreman in charge of the knotting room and another long service candidate with 43 years behind him, presented him with a clock and shaving set from his workmates.

Thanking the colourful crowd gathered in the warehouse, Mr. Hurst spoke of some of the changes he had seen in his time as works manager.

The re-spacing, the increase in the number of looms from eight to 12, which had been one of the salvations of Goyt Mill, and the movement of the stairs were all remembered.

Pictured above are (left to right) Mr. Peter Whelan, the new works manager, Mr. Hurst and Mr. Hadfield.

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Left by R. S-S on the 16th March 2014

Glossopdale Chronicle and North Derbyshire Advertiser

22 June 1860

NEW FACTORY. While England with its cities, towns and hamlets, has risen pre-eminent in the world’s history, Whaley Bridge, being so famous for stone, lime and its famous supply of water for manufacturing purposes has not been lost sight of. This once small hamlet is now the scene of a busy town, and amongst other factories afforded the working classes for employment will very shortly be added that of a new factory. The foundation is already being cut and from information received it is to measure 36 yards by 20, exclusive of the weaving sheds. The site is between the Cromford & High Peak Railway Incline and the River Goyt, a very desirable locality for such a purpose.

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