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Goyt Mill Workers

Photograph added 9th March 2014


Comment 1

Left by Mike Goddard on the 2nd May 2015

My Dad Joe Goddard in the center. Can anyone name others and the year.

Comment 2

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 12th July 2015

Gordon Allen, Jack Coverly, Clifford Wild, Harry Swindells. Elliot Hurst, Ray Cartledge, Brian Hall, Albert Bennett, Dennis Whiteman, Eric Hadfield, Frank Jodrell, Jack and Frank Thomason, Jimmy Critchlow, Peter Chappel, Robert Barton, Alfred Plowes, Alan Robinson, Albert Herman

Comment 3

Left by Diane Berresford nee Jodrell on the 15th July 2015

Although I look through the Whaley Bridge photos from time to time I had not spotted this one with my dad Frank Jodrell in it until I read the comments by Brenda Whelan and Mike Goddard on this and the Goyt Mill trip to Windermere photo.
Hello Mike - I remember our dads being friends and the really strange thing is that only yesterday I was looking through an old album where I noticed is a photo of yourself, me, your sister Pauline? and my brother Steven as children on a beach somewhere! There was also another picture of your dad Joe!

Comment 4

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 16th July 2015

I worked with Frank at the mill and remember him moving to work at a company called Marglass in Sherborne, Peter and I visited him when he lived in Yeovil

Comment 5

Left by Diane Berresford on the 16th July 2015

Hello Brenda - thank you for your comments and drawing my attention to the picture of dad. I have been trying to remember when they moved south. I think it must have been 1964. I was sixteen and already working so I didn't go with them. Your visit must have been not too long after they moved if it was to Yeovil because they then moved to Yetminster. As you are probably aware dad sadly died in 1984.

Comment 6

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 17th July 2015

Peter and I came to Franks funeral, happy memories of Frank, when he came to Compstall he always paid us a visit

Comment 7

Left by Anthony Wright on the 10th March 2016

Norman Wright is knelt down next to Peter Chappell and Robert Barton.

Comment 8

Left by Paul Charnley on the 9th January 2017

I remember Frank Jodrell had a Ford Van with extra windows & seats, his garage was at the back of Williamson Road .... Di, please contact me ..

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Goyt Mill Workers

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