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Comment 1

Left by Bob Morten on the 16th May 2014

The chap 2nd. from left in the long row is Colin Hough,Clerk to the Urban Disrict Council of Whaley Bridge. A works outing possibly - it looks like Skipton Castle.

Comment 2

Left by R. S-S on the 18th May 2014

Hi Bob,

I've got a newspaper article about Colin Hough knocking about somewhere.
I'll find it later and put it on the forum. Norm may then transfer it to the photo album.
I think Colin was the youngest ever Town Clerk when appointed.
I went to school with his two sons.

Comment 3

Left by Graham Hough on the 5th June 2014

Yes, indeed, the chap 2nd from left in the long row is my father, Colin Hough. I am the eldest of his four sons so I assume that R.S-S went to school with my twin brothers,David and Michael.
Thank you R.S-S for the photograph of Father which is in the people section. The chap 2nd from the right on the same row is Jim Ward ,the Works Manager for several years. I recognise several of those in the photograph and will let you have details should you so wish. Is Bob Morten the son of Mr. and Mrs. Morten who used to have the hardware shop in Old Road opposite the Co-Op?
My father was a close friend of Jim Ward so he would have gone along as a guest. The rest of those I recognise all worked at CPA in some position or other.

Comment 4

Left by R. S-S on the 7th June 2014

Hi Graham,

I did not know that Mr Hough had four sons but you are correct I did go to Buxton College with your younger twin brothers.
I seem to recall you lived on Orchard Avenue somewhere opposite Trevor Clayton.

In the same class at Buxton College with me was a lad called David 'Bunker' Beard and I think his dad, Roy, was a friend of your dad's. Roy was run over and killed by a lorry in Market Street, WB many years ago.
I know Bunker went to live out Norwich way and years ago I heard that he had developed a serious medical condition.
I have not been able to contact him or find any news of him.
Have you heard anything?

Comment 5

Left by Graham Hough on the 7th June 2014

Hi R.S-S,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, we lived at 12, Orchard Road and Trevor Clayton lived down the road at No.1 Orchard Road. I think his son,Roy, still lives there. I will ask David when I next speak to him.

Indeed, David Beard lived next door but one to us at number 16, Orchard Road. His father, Roy Beard, was a surveyor with Derbyshire County Council. I did not know what happened to him so thanks for that information. As for David 'Bunker' Beard,then I have no news of or about him. I left Whaley Bridge in 1966 and went to live in Macclesfield so I have little detailed knowledge of W.B. since then. However, David May have some info and I will ask him.

I have a school photograph of Mrs.Edwards' class of 1948 when most of us were aged 8 or 9. Will that be of any interest? If so, how do I get it placed on the site. This photograph is particularly memorable for me because I left Whaley School that year to go to King's School in Macclesfield. The names of all those in the photograph are printed on the back.

Nice to communicate,

Graham Hough.

From Admin:- Graham, please use the email address on the home page to contact the site or send photos

Comment 6

Left by R. S-S on the 9th June 2014

Hi Graham,

I do not recall Roy Beard and his family living on Orchard Avenue. That is not to say that they didn't but when I first got to know Bunker Beard in 1962 they were living on Jodrell Meadow in the house on the corner of the road that went down to Johnny Mellor's haulage yard.
I think Johnny was also a friend of you father's. His wagon repair garage was built over the old coal mine known as the Railway pit and sidings were built from Whaley station towards it to remove the excavated coal.
Roy Beard was run over at Christmas in Market Street and killed instantly. The lorry did not stop but it was not a hit and run the driver simply did not know. The lorry was eventually stopped by the police up Long Hill and the driver realised quickly enough when he saw the back wheels what had happened.

R. S-S

PS: I would like to see the photo of the WB schoolchildren. I think Norm will be able to assist you with the uploading.

Comment 7

Left by Graham Hough on the 12th June 2014

The Beard family definitely lived at 16, Orchard Road. They moved there when the Council Houses were built in the late 50's or early 60's. I believe they did indeed live in Jodrell Meadow before that.
Yes, Johnny Mellors was a friend of my fathers. He ran a coal and coke merchants business from the Railway Yard. I have sent two pictures from the J.W.Sutherland collection to Norm for posting under the "Railway" heading.

Comment 8

Left by Graham Hough on the 13th June 2014

The photos referred to are now in the "Railways" section numbered 932 and 933. Thanks Norm!!

Comment 9

Left by Paul Charnley on the 25th June 2014

Sitting 2 second from right - My farther - Fred Charnley, lived on Jodrell Road.
Standing - Bob Charnley ( uncle ) lived on Bingswood Ave.
Sitting 3rd from left - Tom Walsh, also lived on Jodrell Road.
I should know many more, but can not remember their names yet !!!
Regards, Paul Charnley ....

Comment 10

Left by Paul Cooper on the 30th August 2014

The chap standing with his hands in his pockets is Adam Cooper, my father. Incidentally, the castle is not Skipton. It's Lancaster.

Comment 11

Left by Marjorie Mourne nee Hartle on the 27th January 2015

I would love to see the photo Graham Hough has of Mrs Edwards class of 1948 at Whaley Bridge school. I am sure it is one that I will be on.

From Admin:
If Graham reads this please go to the home page and send the photo to the email address near the bottom of it.

Comment 12

Left by Graham Hough on the 28th January 2015

I have read Marjorie's request and will try to find the photograph. When I do I will,of course send it to you. I certainly remember Marjorie Harlte from my time in Whaley Bridge. This is the first time that I have communicated with anybody in the Class of 1948 or in Whaley Bridge since 1966!! (except for my comments on this site)
Those in the photograph would be 8 or 9 at the time so that is some 65 years ago. I often wonder where some of those are now and what they have been doing over the past years. Perhaps I may find out some snippets from Marjorie sometime. Hope to let you have the photo within the next few days,

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