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Whaley Bridge Primary School 1955

This was an unknown school until Pam added a comment.

Photograph added 17th March 2013


Comment 1

Left by Pam on the 23rd February 2013

This is Whaley Bridge Primary School in 1957 - Miss Julie Nelson is the teacher.

Comment 2

Left by Pam on the 23rd February 2013

Sorry - correction it was 1955!

Comment 3

Left by G. Jackson on the 23rd February 2013

Looks like David Rhodes 4th from right on front row

Comment 4

Left by Carole Eaton on the 22nd August 2013

Maureen Longden 4th from the right middle row then Philip Eaton 5th from the right. I think front row 5th fron the right is Gordon Smith.

Comment 5

Left by R. Stephenson-Smythe on the 29th August 2013

Hey Carole,

It is very nice to see you commenting on here. Why don't you join up and I can send you a PM (private message).
It's not as scary as Deal or No Deal.

Comment 6

Left by Graham Hough on the 5th June 2014

Can anybody confirm that Miss Julie Nelson is/was the daughter of Mr.Nelson who used to own and operate the Picture House/Cinema?

Comment 7

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 8th June 2014

Yes she was the daughter of Mr Nelson who had the cinema and she had a sister called Pam and brother called Jonn

Comment 8

Left by Graham Hough on the 12th June 2014

Did John Nelson once become the landlord of the Shepherd's Arms Pub?

Comment 9

Left by R. S-S on the 14th June 2014

Hi Graham,

With reference to your question regarding John Nelson:

Was he once the landlord of the Shepherd's Arms? No he wasn't but he spent more time in there than most of the landlords ever did.
His mum and dad lived in the bungalows at high level just as you go under the bridge at Bridgemont they were built by Drinkwater's of Whaley Bridge. Mr and Mrs Nelson were licensees of the Station Inn in Furness for a while.
They later became the proprietors of the Princess Cinema in Whaley Bridge. That is where the Co-Op Pharmacy is now.
Later John took over the running of the place and he would set the projection system off and then go over the road to the Railway Hotel for a few drinks. The films would break down every now and again and somebody had to go and get John out of the pub to get it all working again.

During his many hours in the pubs John became one of the best dart players in WB due to the fact he practised more than anyone else.
I once went to see him compete in the News of the World darts championship qualifiers at Stockport. Unfortunately for John the zip on his pants broke when he went to the toilet before going on the big stage and he could do nothing about but it entertained the public for about ten minutes before he was eliminated.
At one time he had an open backed lorry from which he sold dandelion and burdock and lemonade and so on. He used to park it outside the Shepherds fully loaded while he went in for a proper drink, Green Cream as he used to call Marston's Pedigree, and he watch through the window as the local kids used to help themselves to the odd bottle from his lorry. He never bothered.
Later he had a very bad car accident and lost an eye.
I heard lately that he died at Stockport a couple of years ago but he not been well for some years.

There was once a trip to the Brewery from the Shepherds organised by Andrew Heyworth the landlord and, of course, John went along.
The next day I called in the Sheps and John was there having his Green Cream and I asked him about the Brewery trip.
"It was a good do", he said and when I asked him how much he drank he said quite casually: "about 30 pints".
I found this hard to believe and he broke it down for me:
The coach was late so he had 5 pints before they set off.
They stopped at a pub for a late breakfast; another 5 pints.
At the Brewery he had at least another 5 as they were free.
They stopped at a pub on the way home for a few of hours and he thought he had about 8 there.
When they got back to the Sheps they went in for a quick final drink which went on for about 2 hours.
"Yes about 30 must be right", he said.

Top bloke John Nelson.

R. S-S

Comment 10

Left by Brian K. Worcestershire on the 30th June 2015

A fine fellow, friend of myself was at school in the village possibly 1950s. His name Stewart Swift, sadly Stewart passed away whilst living in Mjorca. Stewart lived in Banbury where we first met, and was a successful insurance broker having worked for Norwich Union Ins Co.

Comment 11

Left by Kevan Rutherford on the 24th March 2016

On the front row 5th from the right is Gordon Smith and 7th from right is me.

Comment 12

Left by Pamela Howe on the 24th July 2020

My sister Susan Howe third from left middle row, I was in the year below sadly Sue died aged 43 years very happy memories of Whaley where we lived in the police house on Elnor Avenue

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