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Whaley Bridge Teachers

This is a photo of Whaley school teachers.
Back row Mr Farrar, Mr Holdsworth, Mr Chapman, Mr MacArthur, Mrs Andrews, Miss Cunnison.
Front row Mrs Eaton, Miss Askew, Mrs Warm, Mr Hallam, Mr Sanderson, Mrs Edwards.
Taken in 1952

This photo was sent in by Brenda Whelan.

Photo on the forum, link Here

Photograph added 23rd January 2014


Comment 1

Left by R.S-S on the 31st January 2014

Great photo Brenda,

I think you will be a valuable member of this site.
Keep the photos coming if you have any more.
I certainly haven't seen this one.

Comment 2

Left by G.J. on the 3rd February 2014

Hi Brenda, what a photo and what a lot of memories. Mr. MacArthur? I seem to remember him as Mr. Macaruth ( I don't know how it was spelt but sounded like that).

Comment 3

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 5th February 2014

Yes you're right it was Macaruth

Comment 4

Left by Rolland Melland on the 16th February 2014

I always knew teacher as comment 2 as he took us to play football

Comment 5

Left by Marjorie Mourne (nee Hartle) on the 24th September 2014

How wonderful to see this photo bringing back such happy memories of my ten years at Whaley school. I often think about the Headmaster Mr Hallam particularly the recent 100th anniversary of the 1st World War because when he came into your classroom he would perch himself on one of the front desks and start telling us about his experience in the trenches during the war.

Comment 6

Left by Jim Wilson on the 23rd November 2014

Remember Mr Hallam had a tin of Dolly Mixtures in his pocket which he called Tom Dodd if you were good you got a dip in the tin.

Comment 7

Left by Marjorie Mourne nee Hartle on the 28th November 2015

This photo was taken in 1955 the year I was in the top class. I have this photo and it is signed by everyone of the teachers.

Comment 8

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 30th November 2015

This is my photo and I left school in 1953

Comment 9

Left by Norm on the 30th November 2015

I may be wrong here, but it looks like a photograph was taken of the teachers and a copy brought out every year.
Up to now from 1952 to 1955. I suppose it would work until the staff changed.

Comment 10

Left by Marleine Perry (Clark) on the 11th January 2016

Yes I remember Mr Hallam with fond memories, I thought he called the dolly mixtures 'TUTTIE FRUTTIES' or something like that.

Comment 11

Left by Marjorie Mourne nee Hartle on the 13th January 2016

Marlene - did you live on Chapel Road and had a sister called Marjorie and a brother called Bert?
If so then I remember you.

Comment 12

Left by Moira Elliott (Bailey) on the 19th January 2016

Marjorie, my parents Irene and Hubert Bailey lived on Macclesfield Road next door to your Aunty Dorothy!

Comment 13

Left by Aussie on the 27th February 2017

Yes Morjorie I did live on Chapel Rd. I remember you well, I came to your house for a birthday party when parties were few and far between, happy memories.

Comment 14

Left by Ian Cameron on the 6th June 2017

I attended Whaley School from 1952 to 1957 and I remember my form teachers being Miss Askew Miss Roberts Mrs Edwards Mr Macareth (not MacArthur)and Mr Hilton. Mr Hallam had a tin of Tommy Dodd!

Comment 15

Left by G. Jackson on the 13th June 2017

Hello Ian Cameron, did you live on Williamson Crescent?

Comment 16

Left by G. Jackson on the 13th June 2017

Hello again Ian Cameron, if you did live on Williamson Crescent please send me a personal message. Go to main page, then go to members, go to "G"and click on G. Jackson and then send message.

Comment 17

Left by Paul Charnley on the 12th July 2017

Yes he did, I know you, and you know me! Have looked for you many times, but with little success, you may know G Jackson from Jodrell Meadow under another name .. If you can, please send me a message too, pleased to know you are still with us ... Love to all .... Paul C from Jodrell Road .....( Yes it was Tommy Dod. )

Comment 18

Left by Paul Charnley on the 20th October 2017

Sorry, comment 17 was in reply Ian Cameron's posting 14 ...

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