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C.P.A. Bingswood

Photograph added 21st December 2013


Comment 1

Left by Paul Charnley on the 5th February 2014

The photos are dated 1922 , when the old chimney was found to be 4 ft 6inch out of vertical . Bricks from the south side were removed and replaced by screw jacks , these were then lowered by small amounts each day for a week , on measurement it was then found to be only 7 inches out of vertical !

Comment 2

Left by R. S-S on the 21st July 2017

Hi Paul,

Did you get this information from the R O Collins document about Bingswood Works?

Here is the relevant entry regarding the chimney:Under the C.P.A. Bingswood weathered the first world war and the difficult years which followed it. Life in the factory was not without its excitement, especially in the 1920s, when the Bingswood factory chimney made headlines in the local newspaper. The big chimney in the yard was one of the octagonal chimneys common in Victorian England. During the reconstruction of the factory in 1893, the surveyor had found that the chimney was leaning in a northerly direction, and was, in fact, four feet out of the vertical at the top. Bingswood people seem to have grown accustomed to their leaning chimney and were not worried about it. The C.P.A. however would take no risks with it. First of all, the chimney was shortened by several feet, then in 1922, when the chimney was found to be four feet six inches out of the vertical, it was decided to undertake the difficult task of straightening it. Bricks were knocked out of the chimney on the southern side, and screw jacks were put in. The jacks were lowered a little each day, slowly bringing the chimney nearer the vertical. At the end of a week the work was finished, and the chimney was now only seven inches out of the vertical. It seemed determined to attract attention, however, for shortly afterwards a piece of its coping had been cracked by lightning and a lightning conductor was installed to prevent further trouble. The long struggle between the chimney and the management was finally won by the latter when the old chimney was demolished and replaced by our present circular one, which was built alongside the power unit and boiler house on the river side of the works

Comment 3

Left by Paul Charnley on the 29th March 2018

Hi R. S-S. It was me that fist put up these 3 photos, they were saved by my uncle bob, Robert Charnley ( printer at CPA ), when searching for details, this was a few years ago now, I found the same info on several sites, do not remember which I used now ! My dad Fred Charnley was the engineer at CPA for many years, hence my interest in the CPA !

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