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Horwich End

Photograph added 17th March 2013


Comment 1

Left by G. Jackson on the 13th March 2013

Back row. four from left Harold Lomas, fifth from left is Maurice Lomas (butcher and owner of Lomas Foods, Buxton)

Comment 2

Left by John A on the 15th May 2013

Front row left - right: Robert Longden, Howard Ballard, David Thompson, Lyn Jarvis, ???, John Trueman, Michael Johnson,???, Alan Mort

Comment 3

Left by John A on the 28th June 2013

Some others in the back row, left to right:

???, Dennis Coverley,???, Harold Lomas, Maurice Lomas, Cyril Jarvis, Roger Wild, Michael Smith, ???

Comment 4

Left by Judith Searson on the 31st August 2013

4th row up, third from left, my sister Jennifer Searson

Comment 5

Left by R. S-S on the 10th September 2013

These are the identifications up to date. We are still a few short.

Back Row:
Margaret Johnson, Dennis Coverley, David Shufflebotham, Harold Lomas, Maurice Lomas, Cyril Jarvis, Roger Wilde, Michael Smith, Carol Jackson.

Next Row:
Sandra Sharples, Diane Codd, Jenifer Searson, Pauline Bradley, Rita Brown, Ann Stafford, Ann Lomas, ?, Angela?.

Middle Row:
?, Brian Bush, ?, Herbert Dransfield, Ian or Michael Harding, Christopher Morris, David Lomas, Michael Hewitt, Barry Derbyshire, Philip Shaw(?).

Next Row:
?, Susan Berry, ?, Elaine Berresford, Linda Woodward, Lesley Codd, ?, Julie King, ?.

Bottom Row:
?, ?, ?, ?, Ralph Longden, ?, Michael Johnson, ?, Alan Mort.

Comment 6

Left by John A on the 2nd October 2013

Front row is more or less complete if you look at comments 2 and 5. The only missing name is 2nd from right, who I think is/was called Robert, but can't remember the family name.

2nd row from front, I think it's Pat Hannah on the left, Elaine Bowden 3rd from right, Barbara Drinkwater on the right, but not sure who's 3rd from left.

Middle row on the right is Peter Johnson, I think, not Philip Shaw. They lived in Wheatsheaf Cottages, but I seem to remember his dad had a substantial win on the Football Pools and they moved to Chapel.
Not sure I'd go there if I had similar luck, but I guess there are worse places.

Comment 7

Left by Sheila A on the 15th February 2014

4th row up end of row on right is Margaret Fletcher
4th row second from right is me (Sheila Ashton)

Comment 8

Left by Robert Longden on the 26th January 2015

2nd. From right on front row is Robert Lomas

Comment 9

Left by Helen Harrison on the 1st February 2017

Think 2nd row third from left is my sister, Susan Yarker

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