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Reservoir Road

Photograph added 15th August 2013


Comment 1

Left by Brenda Whelan (Heathcote) on the 28th September 2014

I remember going to Dr Allan's surgery when I was a little girl, and he had a daughter called Joan and I seem to remember my mum telling me he was one of the first people to have a car in Whaley bridge.

Comment 2

Left by Norm on the 28th September 2014

Brenda, The Dr Allan who is linked to this property died in 1906. I believe his son took over so I would presume it was his surgery you went to.

Comment 3

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 28th September 2014

Yes you are right Norm I am not that old Norm

Comment 4

Left by Norm on the 28th September 2014

Well I must admit when I met you, you did not look about 120 years old.
Might be interesting to see when the second Dr. Allan had his practice. Hope you are well.

Comment 5

Left by R. S-S on the 2nd October 2014

Doctor Hector's house is featured all this week on channel 4's show 'four in a bed'. The programme is rubbish but this week is certainly worth a look.

Comment 6

Left by Charlie Hulme on the 7th November 2014

The little house up the steps on the left (No.8 - Later renumbered 5 - Spring Bank Terrace) was the home of my Grandfather, Albert Hulme, his wife Sarah Ellen (nee Bates). My father, also Charles Hulme, was born there as were his two sisters Marion and Beatrice who both worked at the Goyt Mill. In the early 1950s it was struck by lightning which destroyed all the electrical wiring. Albert came to Whaley from Eccles around 1901: I believe he came to work the laying of gas mains, met his wife, and stayed.

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