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Comment 1

Left by Sally Rose Pethybridge on the 9th April 2015

Trying place these. Are they on Kishfield Lane just after the turning to Lumb Hole?

Comment 2

Left by Alan Boothby on the 12th May 2015

You are spot on Sally, they are the four cottages at Hardy Green that are owned by the Sheldon family. I lived at the second one.

Comment 3

Left by Sally Rose Pethybridge on the 1st August 2015

Alan Boothby, didn't Derek Beard live further down from you and were we at Primary School together?

Comment 4

Left by Alan Boothby on the 1st August 2015

Hello Sally, Derek Beard lived in Brook Bottom Cottages, next to the Chapel. Derek could have been at school with you, but I don't think I was.

Comment 5

Left by Sally Rose Pethybridge on the 2nd August 2015

Right thanks. I have a memory of someone living at the bigger house further on than these cottages - obviously memory playing me up. I was at school with Pauline and Diane knew Pauline's brother, John and Diane's brother too but can't remember his name. Diane's father was ace. He took us up the back of his place to go 'swimming' in the stream. Obviously never, ever told my parents as the polio scare was under way lol

Comment 6

Left by Alan Boothby on the 2nd August 2015

Hello again Sally. The bigger house that you recall was where Alan and Winnie Fidler, and son Nigel lived.
Diane's brother was Robert, but sadly, both he and John, my half cousins have died.

Comment 7

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 3rd August 2015

Alan and Samson Fiddler are my dad's cousins

Comment 8

Left by Alan Boothby on the 3rd August 2015

Hello Brenda,
Who was your father? I believe my father Harry Boothby was also cousin to Alan and Samson!

Comment 9

Left by Brenda Whelan on the 3rd August 2015

Harry Heathcote my grandma lived at side end cottage. You most likely knew Harry Fidler as well.

Comment 10

Left by Alan Boothby on the 3rd August 2015

Brenda, I must have being having a senior moment, as soon as I had sent that comment the penny dropped who your father was, I knew him well. Yes I knew Harry as well, I lived next door to him for a many years.

Comment 11

Left by Richard Lomas on the 4th August 2015

My Father John Peter Lomas was born in one of these cottages in 1909

Comment 12

Left by Jim Wilson on the 29th September 2015

Did Ernie Wheate live in one.

Comment 13

Left by Alan Boothby on the 30th September 2015

Hello Jim. Yes Ernie did live there in the first one just out of sight to the left of the bike. A.B.

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