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Temporary Village

Photograph added 19th May 2013


Comment 1

Left by R.S-S on the 24th March 2013

The water for this temporary village came from Overhill Farm Fernilee on the other side of Long Hill.

Comment 2

Left by R. S-S on the 3rd March 2014

This picture is of the temporary village erected for workers living accommodation during the construction of Fernilee Reservoir.

I am indebted to Roland Melland, or Rolland as he seems to now prefer the French version of his name, for the following information:

Jack West opened up a pie shop when the workers started to arrive. This was situated at the top of the road just above the temporary village. Jack did a good trade with the workers and delivery people and so on.
When the reservoir was complete the temporary huts were left there and gradually taken down one by one by locals and used for a variety of uses.
Jack West got one and rebuilt it on the site now occupied by Roland's house. He called it Jack's Cafe; it later became Rita's Cafe. Rita is Roland's sister.
Some of the others turned up in various places:
Two were rebuilt at the Rookery Farm Cadster and two more were built in the field a bit further along the road towards Chapel. They were demolished in the 70's/80's and replaced with two stone built houses.
Another was rebuilt up Diglee Road in Furness Vale at the back of the large house called Heatherby. That was demolished in about 2006 and a new house is also built there.
The last one that we can think of was the Prefab opposite the entrance to Tesco's in Whaley which was demolished a couple of years ago. The plot has just been sold for development.

R. S-S

Roland also pointed out that two sink holes have appeared in the field opposite the Shady Oak and these have been fenced off by Mines Research or Health and Safety. So mind how you go.

Comment 3

Left by John A on the 9th March 2014

Alarming news about the sink holes in Fernilee.

I know Whaley had mines everywhere and is a bit like a Swiss cheese underground, but I wasn't aware of any activity around Fernilee unless Shallcross pit workings extended that far.

What do you know about this, RSS? Apologies if the answer is already on the forum somewhere.

Comment 4

Left by Roland on the 13th March 2014

Coal was brought out of a audit to supply the lime kilns that was where the Shady Oak car park is now

Comment 5

Left by David Hartley on the 13th April 2014

Thanks Roland,I used to go to Jack's cafe as a kid with Chris Simpson,I remember they had a pin ball machine in there.the refuse tip was where the road goes now on the corner just before the cafe.and I remember the prefab houses, I used to fish with Ray Woolley.

Comment 6

Left by R S-S on the 18th April 2014

Hi David,

I played on the pin ball machine many times; that is when the man from the Co-Op wasn't hogging it.

Do you also remember the two headed calf that was hanging on the wall of the cafe?

I think it came from Fernilee Hall but I don't know what became of it.

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