The photo id for this photograph is 1570, in the Schools album.

Whaley Bridge 1953-1954

Back Row Left to Right
Miss Needham, Alan Kelsall, David Beresford, Jimmy Gough, Bret Daker, Paul Jarman, Glynn Fletcher, John Brogden, Bernard Jones, Terry Clark, Mr Elliot

3rd Row Left to Right
Howard Hickson, Terrance Casey, Barbra Craven, Diana Cadwalader, Gladys Barton, Elaine Ruddick, Brenda Wooley, Pat Stafford, Stuart Parker, Graham Jones

2nd Row Left to Right
Kathleen Mitchell, Susan Goddard, Ann Ward, Lilian Stafford, Rosalynne Hulme, Vera Thomason, Diane Arnfield, Joan Oulton, Estelle Walton, Muriel Coverley

Front Row Left to Right
Trevor Gould, Micheal Hough, Roger Livesley, Lynn Edwards, Tony Hambleton, David Hough, Frank Burton

Details updated according to Comment 1 below. Thank you G. Jackson.

Photograph added 21st May 2016


Comment 1

Left by G. Jackson on the 22nd May 2016

The un-named boy on the front row is Lynn Edwards, I also believe he has changed his Christian name to Glynn for some reason unknown to me. Also Alan on the back row is called Kelsall not Kelso. Miss Needham married Ken Hall, the metalwork teacher from Chapel school. His nickname was Killer Hall and Mrs Hall went on to teach at a school at New Mills.

Comment 2

Left by Gnatalee on the 4th December 2016

Wouldn't have picked him out without the list of names provided but can now see Bernard Jones, my cousin.

Comment 3

Left by David Beresford on the 3rd August 2017

How many of us are still alive?
This is a real blast from the past and I certainly recognise most of those in the photo. Often wondered what happened to my school friends. Still visit Whaley - one of my favourite places. I lived on Williamson Crescent until 1959 when I moved to Buxton.

Comment 4

Left by Graham Jones on the 4th September 2017

Yes I am still alive and living in chapel.This is really pulling at my heart strings now I am 70.

Comment 5

Left by G. Jackson on the 5th September 2017

Surprise, surprise, Graham. You being 70. We all are.(G.Jackson isn't my real name, just my forum name)

Comment 6

Left by G. Jackson on the 5th September 2017

Hi Graham Jones, why not join the website?

For a simple page to maybe print click here


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