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Bill Jones

Photograph added 19th March 2016


Comment 1

Left by Gnatalee on the 19th March 2016

Bill Jones - Whaley born (Bridge Street) - on the left next to Billy Liddell. Probably taken around 1946/7 when Liverpool won the first Football League cup after the war.

Comment 2

Left by R. S-S on the 21st March 2016

Good morning Gnats,

There are a few snippets of information regarding Bridge Street from where your family originate from:

Ashton Reporter

8 June 1912

Old Mill Roof Collapses. Some alarm was caused on Sunday afternoon by a terrific noise resembling a thunderclap. People rushed out of doors to discover that the roof of old corn mill had collapsed. It had been in a precarious state for some time, and nobody was surprised at it falling in. Fortunately there was nobody about at the time, most of the children being at Sunday school. The nests of a number of starlings and other birds was disturbed. This is the mill which Mrs Banks has made so famous in her novel 'The Manchester Man,' and it was here that the Wesleyans worshipped over a century ago.

Ashton Reporter

29 June 1912

Demolition of the Old Mill. At the meeting of the Council last week attention was called to the dangerous condition of the old corn mill, the roof of which collapsed several weeks ago. The owners were written to, and the historic mill is now being demolished. It is part of the estate of the late Sir Edmund Buckley, which is announced for sale by auction.

Also from The Buxton Advertiser Feb 1913:

The new Whaley Bridge Hippodrome opens next week when pictures and variety turns will be given.
The building is situated where the Old Mill formerly stood off Market Street.

R. S-S

Comment 3

Left by Gnatalee on the 23rd March 2016

Thank you R.S-S. Was the cornmill where the row of houses opposite The Goyt were built in 1913?

Further to my comment on the picture - I now believe that the guy in the jacket (and short tie !) is Don Welsh (manager) and on right is Phil Taylor.

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