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The Plant Family

Photo sent in by Jim Wilson

Photograph added 18th October 2015


Comment 1

Left by Alan Boothby on the 18th October 2015

Hedley & Dorothy Plant and their two children Godfrey and Gill and ? outside their shop on Wharf Road.

Comment 2

Left by R. S-S on the 21st October 2015

Godfrey hasn't grown much since that photo was taken.

Comment 3

Left by Alan Boothby on the 22nd October 2015

I seem to recognise the chap leaned on the bonnet, who is he, anyone know. A.B.

Comment 4

Left by Jim Wilson on the 29th October 2015

John Thornhill leaning on the car

Comment 5

Left by Hedley Rees on the 8th August 2019

Hedley Plant was a friend of my Mum [Jane} and Dad [Eric} and they named me Hedley. This was many moons ago, I am now 75 and I am hoping you may have some old photos that I could borrow to copy.

If anyone has any photos please email the site and your email address will be forwarded to Hedley

For a simple page to maybe print click here


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