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Sent in by Alan Boothby

Valve outlet from underground reservoir in the Goyt Valley

Photograph added 27th August 2015


Comment 1

Left by R. S-S on the 28th August 2015

That's the spot Alan.

When I was up there last summer a United Utilities employee was just coming down from the underground reservoir and I asked him if it was still feeding the underground reservoir on Disley Tops.
He told me it was non of my business; which of course, it wasn't I suppose.

I told him I had recently been in the valve house at the top end of Fernilee reservoir with one of his colleagues who kindly showed me round.

He told me the man was completely out of order letting me go inside and he was going to make haste to inform on him to his employers.

All in all a right grand chap. Just what this country needs.

R. S-S

Comment 2

Left by Alan Boothby on the 28th August 2015

Its a good job I didn't get caught then. A.B.

Comment 3

Left by Alan Boothby on the 15th September 2015

Now then R.S-S. You will notice a red discolouration on the stonework, this has been happening for many years now in various places, can you throw any light on what is causing it. A.B.

Comment 4

Left by R. S-S on the 16th September 2015

Good morning AB,

I don't think this colouring is within the original stone and from such places as Crist Quarry or the one near Matlock the name of which I forget just now.

There is some staining on the rock face at the side of the Goyt in Whaley Bridge where the old Botany offices used to be but that is yellow and known as yellow ochre.

The staining you refer to as being red could be due to high iron content in the ground which can create red ochre after some time.

Incidentally AB since my last trip up the Goyt Valley a couple of months ago I was going to Buxton yesterday and as I was early I took the scenic route and lo and behold there is some new stonework near your photo at the side of the road.
You don't need to get out of your car to inspect it and I rather fancy you must have decided to carry out a stonework job to stop people falling over into the stream.

R. S-S

Comment 5

Left by R. S-S on the 17th September 2015

Hello again AB,

The quarry that produces pink coursed stone that I could not remember yesterday is Birchover.

It's just outside the lovely little village and worth a ride out to.

R. S-S

Comment 6

Left by Alan Boothby on the 3rd October 2015

Hello R.S-S, I have seen that bit of stonework you mention, it looks like a council job. I tell you what though, they would have been stumped if the hadn't had a saw to cut their stone. Today I have been in the churchyard at Disley, that discolouration I mention is in patches everywhere. On closer inspection it looks like a red moss or algae. In the past I have thought it might be caused by acid rain or fallout from jets overhead, have a look, see what you think. A.B.

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