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Taxal Pond, August 2015

Photograph added 2nd August 2015


Comment 1

Left by R. S-S on the 31st August 2015

About three Saturdays ago I received a phone call from Norm and he seemed in a disturbed state.

He said he had been listening to High Peak Radio that morning and the station's weather man said we were in for a heatwave that very afternoon. It would last all of two hours and temperatures would reach a balmy 15 degrees; nearly as hot as Iceland.

Well anyone who knows Norm will know he is not fond of hot weather. He turns pink apparently.

But he had a solution. He would spend the hot spell swimming in the newly refurbished Taxal Duckpond and he wanted me to go with him in case he got out of his depth.

So I met him on Long Hill and we meandered our way down to the now heavily fortified Duckpond.
Norm said he could climb over the entrance gate. No problem.

But when we got there we both noticed some water birds. Well hardly surprising on a duckpond really.

At first Norm identified them as swans and he pointed out that a swan can break a man's arm with one flap of its wing. I said I didn't think they were swans but possibly geese. This seemed to alarm Norm even more than the prospect of having his arm broken. Geese are notorious guard dogs he said; he had read it in a book. They would go for him and create a hell of a racket.
I said that if it is a duckpond then there's a fair chance of them being ducks.

Well whether they were swans, geese or ducks they turned Norm into a chicken and he pulled out of the weekend's one man swimming gala.

Anyway he was adamant that he was not going in and decided we should have a look at Taxal graveyard while we were so close.

As we entered the burial ground at the bottom virtually the first grave we came across was that of Joseph Oyazabal, faithful servant to the Grimshaws at Errwood Hall. So the afternoon finished on something of a high really.

Next week adventures at Roeside swimming pool in Chapel although I doubt if Norm will be donning his trunks that afternoon. Its been empty for years.

R. S-S

Comment 2

Left by Alan Boothby on the 12th September 2015

After visiting Taxal churchyard to look at my wife Susan's stone, I wandered down the track and past the duck pond before crossing the Goyt. Looking at that highly fortified gate I thought about what you had written. I must say, Norm must be a very agile bloke if he thinks he could climb over it. A.B.

Comment 3

Left by R. S-S on the 12th September 2015

Our Norm is a modern day Superman a little thing like that gate would pose no problems for him.
He would probably burn the lock off with the power beam from his eyes.

Comment 4

Left by Emma Evans on the 9th November 2015

Not really a swimming pool it's a carp pond.

Comment 5

Left by Emma Evans on the 9th November 2015

Nice to know it looks good enough to swim in thou as my partner has spent a lot of time and money making it look so beautiful. And bring back the wildlife. Thanks for putting such lovely pictures up.

Comment 6

Left by Norm on the 9th November 2015

Emma. Can I send a thank you to your partner for the work that has been done on the pond. A couple of us went to it a few years back and it was in a terrible state, but the work has transformed it and brought the wild life back like you say.

Also can I add the photos were taken from outside the property, either by putting the camera through the fence or on raised ground. No animals, ducks, swans, geese, other wild fowl or carp were harmed in the making of them.

It is now a lovely place and you must be proud of it.


Comment 7

Left by Emma Evans on the 10th November 2015

Thank u norm for the lovely comment we are every proud of the pond. It we be will looked after and keep in its beautiful condition now and always. I'm also very glad no wildlife was harmed while taking the photos.

Comment 8

Left by R. S-S on the 11th November 2015

Emma is correct when she says it is not a swimming pool and indeed it never was although I, along with my mates, have swum in it many times.
I think the Reverend Sam Evans also took a dip in it some mornings although it is said his favoured swimming place was just a bit further up the valley under a rocky outcrop known as Parson's Pool. I have swum there as well but it wasn't as good as Taxal Duckpond.

It has always been known as Taxal Duckpond but at one time there wasn't even a pond there. It is not a natural feature but a man-made water storage pond to supply water to Botany Bleach works.
The water that keeps it topped up comes via a sluice into a goat, through the filter bed and into the pond. Then, if you knew how to open and shut the valve system, it let water go into a large black pipe which went over the Goyt by means of a pipe bridge and across the fields to the Botany. As the pipes were of a lesser gradient than the River Goyt they ended up at the top end of Botany Works and filled the water lodge via gravity before going through the filters to wash the cotton.
Brilliant idea, very simple and similar to the formation of the Whaley Weir, recently discussed on here, which turned the undershot water wheel and created power for the Corn Mill on Bridge Street.


Comment 9

Left by Tom Pepper on the 11th November 2015

Its a good job you didn't go swimming below the Botany owd mate or else you might have been mistaken for a red indian.

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