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Canal Basin

Photograph added 3rd July 2015


Comment 1

Left by Alan Boothby on the 9th July 2015

Just where the 30 sign is there used to be an opening for vehicles, Why cant that be widened to get traffic into Bingswood instead of using Canal street as they do, I suppose that is too easy.

Comment 2

Left by R. S-S on the 11th July 2015

Hi Alan, I remember that entrance by the 30mph sign.
I think it is a great idea to re-open it for traffic coming from Bridgemont. But I think it should be one way and HGV's would have to exit via Canal Street as they do now but with a sign saying 'no right turn'. In other words they would have to go just up Long Hill to turn in the big layby which leads down to Taxal.

I say this because the original access had a number of serious accidents when turning right towards Tesco's.
And, of course, traffic is far more heavy than in the 60's and 70's when the access was open.
The other alternative would be to put traffic lights there but with a time control so that the main flow would not be interrupted.

But once again a great idea from you.
Also something should be done about the problem of the ridiculous road markings under Bridge 42.

R. S-S

Comment 3

Left by Alan Boothby on the 11th July 2015

I agree about the road marking under the bridge, why are they needed in the first place, any lorry driver with an ounce of nous should know to keep to the middle of an arch bridge.

Comment 4

Left by John A on the 13th July 2015

The suggestions made by Alan and R S-S would certainly help traffic flow to and from Bingswood industrial estate.
However, I believe Whaley council are currently trying to obtain use of this land as a car park (it's owned by Canal and River Trust, formerly BWB).

I thought there was a proposal to extend the Tesco access road into Bingswood. Indeed I seem to remember it was a condition for allowing Tesco to build a store there.
Surely this would be the best solution for all the HGV traffic, but is it ever likely to happen?

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