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Whaley Bridge

This was classed as "Unknown" until Wendy's comment arrived. Thanks Wendy.

Photograph added 12th November 2014


Comment 1

Left by Wendy Milling on the 23rd November 2014

Whaley Bridge school. 1957ish.My brother Dave Rhodes front row 4th from right, next to him Kevan Rutherford. Brocklehurst twins,Gorden Smith on the left of Dave, also Jennifer Critchlow, Susan Smith, Maureen Longden.

Comment 2

Left by Sarah Cooper on the 19th December 2014

In the centre is Bob Elliot who was the head. Also I think the lady sitting to his left is Val Hall. She was a teacher at Whaley for many years then went on to become head at Hague Bar. Her husband was well known at chapel school (killer Hall) many will remember!

Comment 3

Left by Paul Charnley on the 4th January 2015

Sarah, I remember Keith Hall - metalwork teacher at Long Lane - Chapel en le frith, he was my favourite, but then i was bias towards engineering !!

Comment 4

Left by G. Jackson on the 4th January 2015

She was Val Needham before she married Mr. Hall

Comment 5

Left by Jim Wilson on the 20th January 2015

Taken on a visit to Water Works at Fernilee.

Comment 6

Left by Marjorie Mourne nee Hartle on the 2nd February 2015

Just wondering whether you have a brother called Peter Charnley?
If so he was in my class at Whaley Bridge school, think you lived on Jodrell Road.

Comment 7

Left by Graham Hough on the 2nd February 2015

Peter Charnley was in my class at Whaley Bridge Primary School as well, so Marjorie it would seem that we were both in the same class. At one time I used to visit Peter's house in Jodrell Road and I do remember that he had a younger brother whom I assume is you, Paul. Also close by were chaps called David Wild and Derek Boothby. Are they still about?

Comment 8

Left by Paul Charnley on the 3rd February 2015

Hi Marjorie & Graham, Yes, I remember you both, though 6 years younger than Pete. Peter lives in Pinner, North London, these days but i am sure he would be pleased to here from you, how do we make that happen?? I remember Derek but not sure about David, I will get on to Pete, he could put some pictures of New Mills School days up for you, I know he has some ..

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Comment 9

Left by Patricia Gennoe (Smith) on the 4th August 2015

This is definitely at the filter house. My late dad took them round and my sister Linda is in the photo. She is seen peeping between Mrs Hall and Mr Elliot.

Comment 10

Left by Aussie on the 27th February 2017

Hi Morjorie and Graham I was also in your class at W.B. school, I am Marleine Perry,[Clark]

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