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Bridge Street Well

This photograph has become quite iconic and had many comments on the web. It is also on the home page of the Council Website.

Photograph added 17th March 2013


Comment 1

Left by G. Jackson on the 13th March 2013

Elias Wild (milkman) and Henry Boland (rent collector for the Jodrell estate)

Comment 2

Left by Norm on the 6th April 2014

I suspect this photograph is the wrong way round due to the window. It doesn't really affect it though.

Comment 3

Left by G. Jackson on the 6th April 2014

I think the biggest give away that the photo is back to front is the handkerchief in the top pocket as usually they are on the left hand side of your chest.I also remember Henry used his stick in his right hand.

Comment 4

Left by Norm on the 6th April 2014

Well if we change it this is the result :-

Comment 5

Left by R. S-S on the 7th April 2014

If you look at the photo (id no: 746) of Bridge Street that might well provide the answer to this compelling mystery.

Comment 6

Left by R. S-S on the 15th February 2015

This courtesy of Mister Alan Shaw:

'After serving 43 years with Messrs Jas. Robertson and Sons limited, preserve manufacturers of Droylsden, Mister Harry Borland retired on a pension.'

So before he was the rent collector for the Jodrell Estate, Harry had other employment and it gave him a pension.
A pension in those days? Jammy bugger.

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