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Botany Workers

Photograph added 17th March 2013


Comment 1

Left by R. Stephenson-Smythe on the 29th August 2013

This is outside the breakers in 'Germany' number 2 Dept.
I have no idea why the workers are carrying picnic baskets.
It was no picnic working there.

Comment 2

Left by Lou. Lomas on the 30th September 2014

The guy second from the right with his thumb in his pocket is my Dad, Charles (Wag) Lomas. I think the baskets are just for carrying 'Snap'(packed lunch)

Comment 3

Left by R. S-S on the 2nd October 2014

Hi Lou,

I did some work for Hall's at the Botany and knew Charlie Lomas and Tommy who I think was his brother.
Tommy worked on the Germany Kiers but I can't remember where Charlie worked.
Tommy lived up Long hill at Flanders.
Did Charlie live at the Owlers?

Comment 4

Left by Lou on the 19th November 2014

Hi R.- SS

Only just picked up your comments. Yes Tommy was my uncle and my dad lived at the Owlers next to the old chip shop. He worked on the main tower Kiers.

Comment 5

Left by Marjorie Mourne (nee Hartle) on the 31st January 2015

I knew Charlie's wife Freesia Lockett of the decorating family - she was my mum's cousin.

Comment 6

Left by Marleine Perry (nee Clark) on the 10th November 2017

Tommy and Charlie's Dad Tommy married my Mums sister Nellie Seel. Tommy and Nellie had four boys and twin girls.

Comment 7

Left by Lou. Lomas on the 3rd March 2018

Marleine I have not looked at this site for a while so only just picked up your comments. I never new my Grandmother although I have recently found out her maiden name was Seel. Until now I did not know how it was spelled. I have only one very poor photo of her. I would greatly appreciate any information you have on her. I don't know if this site allows email addresses to be exchanged but if so mine is

Comment 8

Left by R. S-S on the 14th March 2018

I worked on a temporary basis at the Botany for quite a few months and Tommy Lomas lived just around the corner from me. He worked on the Kiers in number 2 plant (Germany).
He always drank his tea on his shift out of a white pint pot. But sometimes he was busy and he put the pot on top of one of the Kiers to keep his tea warm. The inside of his pint pot was dark brown with tea stains and one day when Tommy was on the opposite shift to me I decided to do him a favour and clean his pint mug.
I took it up to the chemical wells in number 1 dept and tied a piece of string to the handle and left it dangling in the bleach for an hour. It came out pristine and I cleaned it under the steam pipes and put it back on the Kiers. The next day we were both on the same shift and Tommy went to make a cup of tea. I was standing by, chest pushed out, waiting for some well deserved praise. Then there was an almighty shout from Tommy: 'Who the hell has done this to my pot?' I made a hasty retreat and Tommy told all the workforce that he would have to bury his pot in the garden for 6 weeks to get it back to normal. I never told him. Perhaps I should have done.

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