Whaley Bridge Dam

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#3247 Whaley Bridge Dam

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I was a bit surprised to read how much the repairs will cost, and the length of time it will take.
This, I thought, was a repair to an existing dam and only needed the poorly designed overflow either removing or repaired, and made without the oblique wall that allowed the build up of water pressure to undermine the overflow.
I worked on the construction of an underground reservoir to hold 2,000,000 gallons of water. The location was dug out of mudstone and the tanks were cast in concrete. It took 10 months, and cost £1,000,000.

It stated in the news report I read that consultation with the residents of Whaley Bridge determined what will be done, and how, the dam will be repaired.

What changes will be made to the reservoir that is considered to be an improvement on the old dam?

And, as this is a local history website, has anyone taken any photographs for future generations to see? And don't forget pictures as it progresses up to completion.