Whaley Bridge PreWar Building Co

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#3202 Whaley Bridge PreWar Building Co

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I have had an email from Alan Middleton, which follows.

I asked him to join the forum and post but he said he had tried to join unsuccessfully so could I put his email on here complete with his address, which I have done. If anyone replies to him could you put your reply on here, or just do that anyway unless you require a reply form him - or do both, up to you.

I will try a test registration to see if I have any probs.

** Update (later) - I tried joining and had no problems, oh well


Can any of your members help me with info and photos on the Whaley Bridge
Ex-Servicemen 'PreWar Building Co.' c1923/25 who apparently built 'houses
for nothing' to solve the housing problem?
Am looking for letterheads, office address, the Ex-Servicemen involved and
how many houses/bungalows were built, where and for who and are they still
Was this Company a Charity set in Whaley Bridge to employ Ex Servicemen?
I do not know why it was called 'PreWar' as am fairly certain it was in
business after WW1, so maybe it was originally a charity?
I have a matchbox label made in Belgium advertising this Company and also
what could be a raffle or bus ticket advertising their 'matches'.which your
members may be already familiar with
Does anyone know any other advertising material for this Company?
Thank you.
Alan Middleton


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#3203 Re: Whaley Bridge PreWar Building Co

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There was always talk of a match-box raffle concerning the bungalows on Jodrell Meadow where I grew up. I seem to remember that the builders went bust after building number 11. This bungalow didn't have any plaster on the walls or ceiling but was "pannelled out" with new doors that had been ordered for bungalows further along. It was always very dark when you went inside. The Landsdale family lived there. The raffle was to help pay for the bungalows up to number 23. After bungalow number 23 there are houses.
The bungalows on Jodrell Meadow as far as I am aware are to the same plan/dimensions/construction as the ones in Furness Vale on the A6 nearly in New Mills.
Hope this helps.
G. J.

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#3204 Re: Whaley Bridge PreWar Building Co

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Whaley Bridge Ex-Servicemen 'PreWar Building Co.' c1923/25 ?

If I was researching this I would try local newspapers from around that time. It may help to identify which houses were built under this scheme, who the builders were, and from there you might be able to look at the Electoral Roll for that period and perhaps discover who lived there.
Are there any Trade Directories that may list the builders or the charity?

Is it possible this organisation can throw any light on the subject?

https://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wi ... ss_housing

Good luck with your search.

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#3205 Re: Whaley Bridge PreWar Building Co

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A reply from Alan


Can I thank you for placing my query on your Whaley Bridge History Forum. I have seen some of the replies and they are very interesting. Perhaps the enclosed scan of what I am researching will be of interest to your members and may jog a few more memories. Can you kindly add this to the my query on the forum. I will be delighted to hear from your members

The enclosed scan shows a Belgian made matchbox label of the 1920's and secondly what may be one of the original 'raffle tickets B21666' to 'win' the house 'for nothing'. I wonder how much this ticket cost and who won the house? Intriguingly as it was 'B' was this for the second house to be built?

Thank you all very much for your help. I am preparing an article for the Match Label News, the Journal of the British Matchbox Label and Bookmatch Society. I have been a member of the Society for over 50 years and recently have published in this Journal, free of charge to enhance the knowledge of our esteemed worldwide membership, for the first time a series of researched articles on Ex-Servicemen match companies in the the UK in the 1920's. Hopefuly Whaley Bridge proudly will be my next !!

Thanks once again many thanks for your help. I am a member of my own local 'Normanby History Group' in Middlesbrough and we have monthly meetings (or did!!) until January. We probably share a commitment to remember our cummunity history and know it is important to document our past before it is forgotten. Please feel free to contact me at my email address.

Best wishes, Alan Middleton

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