Illusive Horwich End Fountain?

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#2949 Illusive Horwich End Fountain?

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I found this in a front garden in Southend last week, could it be our Horwich End Fountain?

Mrs C
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G. Jackson
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#2950 Re: Illusive Horwich End Fountain?

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Well found!
I presume they made more than one and Southend is quite far away. I'd have knocked on the door of the house.

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#2951 Re: Illusive Horwich End Fountain?

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hi, there is a link with southend and whaley with the evacuees that came from there, but I personally never knew of the horwich end fountain.

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#2952 Re: Illusive Horwich End Fountain?

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Fascinating! ........ wouldn’t it be good to find out how that house in Southend came by that fountain?


R. Stephenson-Smythe

#2953 Re: Illusive Horwich End Fountain?

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There are some houses opposite the Cock Hotel that overlook the Memorial Park. At one time one of these houses was occupied by a WB Councillor.
My Grandma told me that the fountain was removed by council employees and re-sited in this local and probably honest councillor's garden.
It was there for years but then disappeared, probably with the councillor.
Try checking out the thread 'The two fountains' and see if they are similar.
My Grandma lived in Horwich End and then Whaley so I have no idea which fountain she was telling me about.

R. S-S

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