Glossopdale Chronicle.

19 May 1888

Socialist speechifying.

On Saturday evening last addresses were delivered in the space opposite the White Hart, on the questions of the day, by Mr Archibald Vickers, of the Salford Socialist Democratic Federation, and Mr Hall of the Pendleton Socialist Federation.

Notice of the meeting had been given by small handbills, and was timed to commence at 6.30 p.m., but it was quarter to seven before the speakers appeared, and by that time a good audience had gathered.

Mr Vickers opened the proceedings by commencing to speak in a disparaging tone about Dr Allen re Jodrell’s business, but he had made very little progress when he was interrupted by hooting, shouting, and was told to get on his “democrating,” that they wanted no one to come there talking about Dr Allen, that they knew more about the people concerned than he did, and they could tell him things he knew nothing of, and cries were raised “Pull him off th’chair if he’ll none get on ‘democrating.” He therefore ceased speaking on the subject, and went on with the usual stock remarks of such like agitators, about the iniquity of the land laws, of the manufacturers grinding the faces of the workmen,

and taking all the profit which they had not earned &c., &c

After Mr Hall had addressed the meeting, it was stated that questions might be asked, but no advantage was taken of the offer. The proceedings passed off quietly, but that was owing to the presence of the police, for it is stated that rotten eggs and other missiles of a like nature were in readiness, to be used had there been a chance.