Sett Valley Quiz League

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Rules and Procedures

  1. An entrance fee of £10 per team shall be paid at the start of the season. If at any time this does not seem sufficient, a further small sum may be levied.
  2. Competing teams shall consist of no more than six players per side. Teams cannot change players during a match and no player may join the team after the match has been playing for ten minutes.
  3. The matches shall be played on Thursday evenings starting at 9.00 p.m. except where both teams agree to a later start.
  4. Sets of questions shall be provided and no others shall be used.
  5. The questions shall be issued to the home team in sealed envelopes that will be opened by the question master in the presence of both teams. It is the responsibility of the home team to supply a question master. The away team may provide a scorer / timekeeper, if they wish.
  6. No more than six questions can be on the same subject in any one match.
  7. The match shall consist of thirty questions to each team. The toss of a coin will decide whether a team wishes to go first or second.
  8. All questions to be answered jointly by the whole team. If no answer is given within thirty seconds, the timekeeper shall inform the team captain that their time is up, but still give them the opportunity to answer promptly.
    The question master will award one point for a correct answer. Should a wrong answer be given, or the team fail to answer, the question will be offered to the opposing team. The captain must answer within ten seconds and the question master will award one bonus point for a correct answer.
  9. If there is a dispute to the validity of a question (i.e. the answer written down is considered incorrect): - If a team gives an answer that is the same as the supplied answer then that team may have the points no matter how incorrect the answer may seem. A spare will be used if the question is not viable i.e. unreadable, missing or the question person reads the answer out by mistake, etc,
  10. The home team of each match must pass the result through to the organisers. Any team that fails to send the result in by Friday evening will have one point deducted from their league total. The result may be phoned, or sent by text to 07999 559 660. Also via the website, or e-mailed. This also applies to Knockout/Plate matches.
  11. Each team must award points for the questions. Any number of points may be awarded in the range of 0 to 10. The sum of these points must be phoned in with the match result.
  12. If any team changes their venue by choice at any time the new team will start the next season in the lowest division. If they are forced to change their venue by matters out of their control they may stay in their current division.
  13. If at the end of the season two teams have equal points, then to decide who is higher the two results of when they played each other is compared. If that is a draw then the number of points scored by each team when they played each other will be compared. If these are equal then the number of points scored during the season will be compared.
  14. At the end of each season two teams will be relegated from the First Division and two promoted from the Second Division.
  15. Away teams are to collect that night's questions from Chalkers at Newtown at 8:30 p.m.
  16. Teams that have no representative at the AGM, or have not contacted the organisers, will not be allowed to play in the following season.

The following are not rules, just help in setting questions and what to do.

When it is your turn to set the questions please think of the following points and also follow the procedure. It only takes one team to cock it up and there will be no quiz that night.


Try to set questions that have not been asked recently. If your turn to set the questions follows a recent bye, this is unlikely this season, then you could go to watch a match that is being played when it is your bye, to listen to the questions. I believe most landlords/ladies will let you in free.

Use questions that have short, concise answers, long descriptions in answers only seems to cause problems. Underlining important words can be useful but if the answer is short then it will not be required.

Remember this is a Pub quiz, just a varied mixture of medium difficult questions, some to tax the best but some not to tax the worst (me).

Set a few spare questions in case a question is missing etc.(Rule 9). If you are setting questions for a Knockout/Plate match then please set a tie break question (nearest number to the answer etc.) we do need a result on the night.


Seal the first half and second half questions in separate envelopes, and put into another envelope. Download the score sheet and result sheet from the website. Put one score sheet into the envelope.

If it is a league match, not a Knockout, put one result sheet for every team playing that night in the envelope and seal it.

Write on the front of each envelope a fixture from that night's list. This prevents two sets of questions going to the same match if the away team have made a mistake in who should be picking up the questions.

Please remember it is your job to distribute the questions. i.e. be in Chalkers to give the questions to the away teams.