Old Quiz Number Five

In these troubled times why not try old quizzes?
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Old Quiz Number Five

Post by normsvql » Thu May 21, 2020 1:17 pm

Number five taken from October 2007

1. Who said “I am the President of the United States now, and I don’t have to eat any more broccoli?

2. What so called war spawned the slogans “Better red than dead” and “Better dead than red” in the 20th century?

3. How was the 11th century Spanish military leader Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar better known?

4. What is the 3rd wedding anniversary known as?

5. In cuisine what is a caper?

6. What was the first man made invention to break the sound barrier?

7. What is the name of the roman goddess of hearth or grate known as?

8. Which Italian dessert comprises whipped egg yolks, sugar and massala wine?

9. Brontophobia is a fear of what?

10. How is Sandra Goodrich better known?

11. What is the world’s longest running children’s television programme?

12. Who designed London’s Marble Arch?

13. UKTV chefs, Simon King and David Myers are better known as whom?

14. Cardiff is situated on which River?

15. What is the world’s largest breed of hound?

16. Which former presenter of Tomorrow’s World is married to Keith Chegwin?

17.Which Scottish football team, nicknamed The Pars, play home matches at East End Park?

18. Name the song which includes the lyrics, Tangerine Tree and Marmalade Skyes?

19. Long, Rump and Short have all described what in Britains History?

20. Where does Desperate Dan live?

21.What is the mixture of Tartaric Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate more commonly known as?

22. Which actor bet he could eat 50 eggs in an hour in the film “Cool hand Luke”?

23. What was the name of the prostitute arrested with Hugh Grant in LA in 1995?

24. Who is the current MP for Sedgefield?

25. What famous British landmark was designed by Julia Barlield and David Marks?

26. To what did the Post Office change it’s name to only to revert back to the Post Office?

27. Last week the shortest record ever to enter the charts, charted at number 27, name the song?

28. What is a “merkin”?

29. How many teaspoons make a tablespoon?

30. How many people have walked on the moon?

31. In Rugby Union what is the Australian Team known as?

32. In the Lubricant and rust prevention spray WD4O, what does the WD stand for?

33. Which Temple complex was rescued and rebuilt during the construction of the Aswan High Dam?

34. What name is given to a person who collects or studies flags?

35. How is Charles Wendover Junior better known?

36. Which Olympic sport requires a “planting box”?

37. Which town had a clock which always told the time “never too quickly”, “never too slowly”?

38. How many people were aboard the Ark?

39. Who did Joe Caizagne fight on 3rd November?

40. How did St George die?

41. After 1968, British Rail were still running a steam line, Where?

42. Which Greek God’s weapon is found on the flag of Barbados?

43. Every English person knows the French name for a metal or earthenware covered cooking pot, what is it?

44. What ceased to be legal tender in 1988?

45. Who is Dudley Dursley’s cousin?

46. In 1985, which Italian cruise liner did the PLO highjack?

47. Who wrote the children’s book “The old man of Loch Nagar”

48. Flying due east from New York, what is the next country you would fly over?

49. Who lived in Oil Drum Lane?

50. Which British Prime Minister’s father was a Trapeze Artist?

51. What is the collective noun for a group of Baboons?

52. Since 1982 which word has ceased to be on British coins?

53. To what was Chris Rea referring to in his song the road to hell?

54. What term is given to the measurement of a 1/4 (quarter) of a chain?

55. Which number does the Roman numeral “D” represent?

56. What are Carrageen, Bladder-warck, Devils Apron and Purple Layer?

57. What is the official language of Liberia?

58. In which field of the arts was Mikhail Fokine, famous in the early 2Oth century?

59. In which County is Batemans Brewery?

60. How many hoops are used in a game of Croquette?

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Re: Old Quiz Number Five

Post by dick@oldhall » Thu May 21, 2020 4:01 pm

Thanks, Norm. I liked these much better - even the phobia and the collective noun actually exist and are used by people other than tricksy quiz question setters, and can therefore be considered 'general knowledge' and fair game. I still couldn't answer nine, and have made some poor guesses, I think.

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Re: Old Quiz Number Five

Post by Geoff Abell » Fri May 22, 2020 3:33 pm

I know there are a load of quizzes out there now, but I do appreciate Norm's Thurs revival quiz. Measures the week nicely. And we now do it as half a team, which is even more fun. Others fancy trying it?

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