Help for people with ME/CFS in and around Stockport

Parents' Group

Stockport ME Group runs a Parents' Group to support those whose children have ME/CFS. This is a difficult illness for anyone to cope with, but it can be particularly hard for children and young people. As parents we all want the best for our children and to have a child with ME/CFS can sometimes be overwhelming.  Sometimes you may feel you are fighting single-handed to find out what is wrong with your child, but you are not alone.

ME affects as many as 25,000 children in the UK from all social and ethnic groups. Most young people develop the illness between the ages of 10 and 18, but children as young as five have been diagnosed.

In January 2002 the government's Chief Medical Officer of Health stated that ME/CFS is a real and debilitating illness. There is evidence that the illness can be triggered by infections, toxins, life events, immunisations, physical injuries, and/or operations.

Symptoms can be categorised into four areas:

Fatigue: This is totally different from normal tiredness.

Neurological: Poor memory, difficulty with word finding and thinking. Balance problems.

Pain: Particularly headaches and intense muscle pain.

Sensitivity: Light and noise are painful. Sometimes there is sensitivity to food and drugs.

SMEG Parents' Group offers moral support to parents of children and young adults, as well as advice on available (and tried) therapies, home tuition and special examination arrangements. The group also arranges speakers with expertise in the treating of children with ME/CFS.

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